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Good morning everyone and welcome. Today I am featuring author Jen Silver, author of The Circle Dance and her new just released book, Running From Love. Jen has so many interesting things to share about herself. Recently I reviewed her book, The Circle Dance. Check out the link below to read more.

The Circle Dance Review

Come join us and meet this amazing woman, whom you’re going to love.


“A book does not come to me as an idea, or a plot, or an event, or a society, or a message; it comes to me as a person. A person seen, seen at a certain distance, usually in a landscape. The place is there, the person is there. I didn’t invent him, I didn’t make her up; he or she is there. And my business is to get there too.”

From The Language of the Night by Ursula K LeGuin, an essay entitled ‘Science Fiction and Mrs. Brown’

Who is Jen Silver? Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

My parents moved around a lot and my childhood involved moving house numerous times and countries twice. I was born in England but they emigrated to Canada when I was four, then moved back a few years later after my younger sister was born. They then went back to Canada after deciding they weren’t missing anything here so my high school and college years were spent in Canada. Then I moved back to England myself in my twenties, stayed a few years and went back to Canada. My final move (probably) was back to the UK in the 1980s. I met my wife in 1987 while we were both working in London. So, this year we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary. We moved ‘oop North’, as they say here, twenty-three years ago and haven’t looked back.

I’d never considered myself to be a sporty person, so it was with some surprise that I found I enjoyed playing golf when I was introduced to the game in my mid-forties. I took up archery about seven years ago. I’ve also dabbled in martial arts—five years of Taekwondo, two years of Tai Chi. And nowadays, along with the golf and the archery, I enjoy taking part in boxercise classes.

I always loved writing and had drawers full of unfinished stories before I took the plunge and submitted something to a publisher.

It’s hard to believe that I now have six published novels to my name, and several short stories.

What is Running From Love about?

This is the synopsis:

Sam Wade returns home from a business trip to discover her wife of just two years has left her for another woman. Beth, a high school teacher, wants a divorce so she can settle down with her new (closeted) love, head teacher Lydia Carmichael.

To take her mind off the break-up Sam accepts an assignment to learn to play golf at the newly opened Temperley Cliffs golf resort in Cornwall. Beth and Lydia also plan their first summer holiday together.

Coming out, at whatever stage in one’s life, is never easy. Several characters in the story have to make decisions that will affect not just their respective partners but also how the wider world sees them. There is more than one way to run from love; from never having to make a commitment and say those magical three words, “I love you”.

Find out what happens when this diverse group of people find themselves together—and sport, betrayal, jealousy, and love form an unforgettable fusion of emotions.

The story is a mix of romance and golf. In the first draft, I got a bit carried away with the golf aspect and the beta readers indicated they wanted more romance and less about the game. I hope I got the balance right in the final version. I will have to wait and see what reviewers have to say about it.


What was the deciding factor for your book title?

As with most of my books to date, it’s from a song lyric. I can’t recall which song this came from, but I was listening to Mary Gauthier’s albums during the time I was writing the book, so it may be one of hers. I thought of it as a working title and thought it might change by the time I’d finished the novel, but I found that it worked for the theme of the story.

What traits were you looking for when you were creating the main characters?

I always look at trying to make them like real people. I’m sure most authors do as well. But I can’t really get too excited about the lives of highly successful rich women falling for each other as they are not really in my sphere of existence. So, I try for a mix of lifestyles, occupations, and backgrounds…and see how they connect.

What is your favorite attraction in Yorkshire and why?

I love the countryside. We live in a deep valley with a road, a river, a canal, and a railway running through it. There’s a lot of history here as well. The people are lovely too.


Do you have anything specific you want to say to readers?

Read my books. Review them. Tell other people about them. If you like them, that is.

Me: Authors appreciate reviews and it shows them that you care.

Can you describe the moment the last time you got a hole in one on the golf course?

There hasn’t been a first time, yet.

Would you like to share anything about your love for archaeology? Can you tell us about your last dig?

I’ve had the pleasure of digging at a predominantly Roman site called Vindolanda near Hadrian’s Wall for the last four years. It was while I was researching pottery for my debut novel, Starting Over, that I came across the Vindolanda website and discovered they had a volunteer programme where you can sign up to excavate for two-week periods between April and September. People come from all over the world to take part and it’s a great experience.


Although I had finished an initial draft of the book by the time I first went to Vindolanda, I was able to incorporate some of what I learned there in the next draft.

Who is your favorite character from all your books and why?

Asking an author this is like asking a mother to name her favourite child. I have to like the characters to be able to write about them. Even the ones that readers may not find likeable, there’s always something in their character that’s redeemable. I think that’s why I would find it hard to write a detective novel. But if I do have to pick one character, I would go with Robin from Starting Over, and the other books in the trilogy. She kick-started the whole story and I know she’s often not liked by readers because she cheats on her partner, Ellie, over a long period of time. So, why would I like someone who cheats? Well, because I know that deep down she wants to change and through the course of the story she has that chance. I know in real life that may not seem too plausible, but I wanted to put a positive spin on it and maybe put some doubt in readers’ minds as to whether or not she can eventually maintain a monogamous relationship. (Robin is sexy as hell too, and rides a motorbike.)


What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Would you recommend it?

I don’t often go to movies. I think the last one I saw was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And, of course, I loved it because I’m a Star Wars fan – particularly of the original three movies.

Which authors do you follow and what do you like about their writing?

I read a lot and obviously follow a number of lesfic authors whose books I enjoy.  But I would like to mention a non-lesfic author because her books are rich in history with lashings of humour…and tea. This is Jodi Taylor who has written a series of books under the heading “The Chronicles of St Mary’s”. St Mary’s is a historical research establishment where they ‘investigate major historical events in contemporary time’ (or what we call ‘time travel’). This premise gives the author a chance to revisit many historical events to find out what really happened. Some examples are: Troy, Battle of Hastings, Agincourt, the destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria, and the Cretaceous period to observe dinosaurs in the flesh. It’s all a bit mad, but good fun.

What is your favorite part of being an author? The least fave?

I enjoy writing, thinking about the characters, and seeing how the story develops. In common with most other published authors, the marketing is the hard part. Nowadays we have to rely on ratings on Amazon, maintain a constant presence on Facebook and Twitter, write regular blogs, and also try to get some reading gigs that may generate publicity.

What is next for you?

As of the timing of this interview, my next destination is the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference, which is in Chicago this year. There I will be joining other Affinity authors: Renee MacKenzie, Ali Spooner, Annette Mori, and Angela Koenig…plus all the other delegates: readers, writers, and publishers. This will be my third time and I enjoy meeting up with old friends and new on each occasion.

Golden Crown Literary Society

I’m also involved with Happy Valley Pride, a weeklong festival held in Hebden Bridge, which is near where I live. This is only the second year for the event. It was well received by the community last year and the plans for this year have grown from that experience.

Happy Valley Pride

This year I’m hosting a reading evening, sponsored by Affinity Rainbow Publications. It’s called ‘Lesbian Writers Read’ and is taking place on 8 August from 7 to 9pm at Ribbon Circus in Hebden Bridge. Four other authors are taking part: Lise Gold, Cari Hunter, Robyn Nyx, and Brey Willows. I think this is possibly the first event of its kind in the town so I’m hoping it will go down well.


Excerpt from Running From Love (Chapter Six)

Andi felt awkward intruding on the other woman’s obvious sadness, but she didn’t want to just walk away. Although they had only met briefly, she sensed a bond between them. Nothing sexual, just a kind of kinship. And she hoped Sam wasn’t thinking of throwing herself off the cliff. She didn’t want that on her conscience.

“Um, look if there’s something you want to talk about, I’m here. Sometimes it’s easier to unburden yourself to a stranger.”

Sam gave her the flicker of a smile. “This is a job for me. I’m getting paid to do this. But I don’t know if I can now that she’s here.”

This sounded intriguing.


“You’re getting paid to learn how to play golf?”

“Yes. I do in-depth research, usually for film or television companies. Sourcing locations, providing historical and cultural background as required. This job is for a writer who either can’t, or doesn’t want to, play golf herself. But she wants to sound knowledgeable when writing about it.”

“Couldn’t she get that from watching golf or reading magazines? And there’s loads of instruction videos on YouTube.”

“I know. But she wanted more than that. Maybe trying to understand why people do it, why they are so passionate about it.”

“That’s a tough one. But not easy for non-golfers to fathom.”

They stood together looking out over the ocean. The wind was starting to cut through the light jacket Andi was wearing.

“You said you didn’t think you could do this now, because…?” Andi wasn’t sure Sam would answer as she had gone quiet again.

With a heavy sigh, Sam finally spoke. “Because my ex is here. I didn’t know she was even interested in golf.”


“Yes, ah. And her new girlfriend is joining her later this week.” Sam spat out the word “girlfriend” as if it left a bad taste.

“How long were you together?”

“Fourteen years. We got married two years ago in April.”

“Shit.” Andi didn’t know what else to say. Long-term relationships had always been a mystery to her. She had known Freya for many years but that worked because they only met up a few times each year. She wasn’t sure she could handle Freya’s intensity full time.

Andi touched Sam’s arm. “We should probably be getting back or they’ll be sending out a search party.”

Read the first chapter here.

Purchase ‘Running From Love’

Before you go, make sure to check out Jen’s links, including her blog, which you can subscribe to.

Amazon Author page

Affinity Author page


Twitter: @jenjsilver


I want to thank Jen for stopping by to chat. Her new book, ‘Running from Love’ is now available and I’m looking for discussion on this story, so feel free to leave a comment below. We’ve enjoyed having you visit.

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Meet Author Renee MacKenzie

Good Afternoon friends and welcome. Today author Renee MacKenzie has stopped by to chat. Her book, Pausing, is out and has people talking. I am currently reading the book, so you have to wait for my review. Come on in and meet this amazing woman.

Author picture

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


What is “Pausing” about?

Pausing is a love story. Pausing is about letting love happen, even if that love falls outside the boundaries you once thought mattered. Jordy Chapman, Emergency Service Coordinator at a mental health facility, is falling fast for the owner of Yeager’s Furniture, Keira Yeager. Jordy has a new zero-tolerance policy in her personal life for any kind of mental instability which is just fine, until she meets Keira.

What was your inspiration behind the book cover for “Pausing”?

Running and sushi were a big part of my life while writing Pausing and I let it spill over into the book itself. The silhouette of a runner just made sense for the cover. I’d like to give a big shout out to Nancy with Irish Dragon Designs for the wonderful cover. The colors are amazing, provocative.

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  If so, did you receive any awards or recognition for your work?

I played with sappy love poems when I was in high school. Then while studying business administration at the community college in VA I took a creative writing class as an elective and was immediately hooked on short story writing. I had a few short stories published in the college literary magazine while I was there. I left college for many years and returned when I was in my 30s. This time I majored in Creative Writing at Augusta State University. I’d submitted to a small scholarship fund for that school and won it. I also had a few short stories and poems published in that university’s literary magazine.

Is there anyone or anything in your life who encourages you to write?  If so, tell us about it?

I am encouraged every day by so many people. My coworkers at Big Cypress National Preserve have been amazingly supportive, as have my friends and neighbors. One of the first people who encouraged me was my friend Pauline Rushton when I lived in Augusta, GA. She’s the one who encouraged me to submit to the writing scholarship, and was the first person to ever call me a ‘writer.’ She passed away in 2009, years before I’d published my first novel, and I often think about her and how much she encouraged me.

Book Cover

Are you a traveler?  Where is your favorite vacation spot of all time?

Most of the traveling I do these days revolves around writing conferences or author reading events. So far, I’ve really loved Austin and Palm Springs. I don’t believe I’ve been to my all-time favorite spot yet. Maybe northern California after I go there in October? I’m dying to go to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Above all – Thank You. At the end of the day, it is all about the readers. Readers, both in the Lesfic community and my personal circle of friends, family, and neighbors, have been simply amazing.

Can you elaborate on what has worked for you that gets you into a creative zone?

Sometimes all it takes is a long walk with my dog, Sabrina, or a leisurely shower. Other times it comes down to staring at a blank wall (sometimes for hours) and letting my mind wander. If I am having trouble really getting into a character’s head, I put them in bed with their love interest. Nothing jump starts a story for me quite like a sex scene.


Let’s give a shout out to Affinity Press books.  What would you like to say to them?

Thank you, Affinity, for taking a chance on me. Thanks for letting me tell my stories, my way. We always have a good time when we are together, but never lose sight of the fact that in the end, it’s all about telling our stories. We might be spread all over the globe, but when we get together it feels quite fluid and natural.

What has been your favorite part of being an author?  The least favorite?

My favorite part of being a writer is making shit up and not getting in trouble for doing so. I also really enjoy research, and get quite hands-on when doing so. While writing Anywhere, Everywhere, I took python handling training multiple times so I would know exactly what Gwen felt when she held a python. When I was writing Pausing, I interviewed a friend’s husband, who held the job Jordy holds at a similar mental health facility. Even though I’d driven the Colonial Parkway in Virginia hundreds of times, while writing 23 Miles I drove it again, putting myself in Talia Lisher’s head while doing so.

My least favorite part is promotion. It’s hard to find the balance between effectively putting yourself and your work out there and being, well quite frankly, obnoxious about it. I’m not sure I’ve found that balance. Public readings were once the hardest part for me, but I’ve gotten much more comfortable with them. I still get nervous, but nothing like it was in the beginning.

Here’s a videotaped interview I did in Virginia shortly after 23 Miles, my novel that fictionalizes the real life Colonial Parkway murders of 1986:

Interview with Renee

Me: This is a must watch video.

Do you follow other Affinity Press authors?

I follow most of the writers with Affinity as much as time constraints will allow. I spend a lot of time with Ali Spooner thanks to our involvement together with Sappho’s Scribes of Florida. She’s an amazing writer. I have also spent quite a bit of time at conferences with Annette Mori and Jen Silver, both also great writers. We are very much like a family, even if we only see each other a few times a year. I love the Lone Star Lesfic Festival in Austin, and it’s extra great that so many of the Affinity family is there – JM Dragon, Erin O’Reilly, Nancy Kaufman, Alice Plough, Lacey Schmidt, Ali Spooner, Annette Mori, Del Robertson, and myself.

What is your favorite restaurant in Naples, FL?

My favorite restaurant in Naples is probably Sushi Thai – the one on Airport Pulling Road (best service and best outdoor area for my dog). My characters Jordy, Steph, and Keira spend a lot of time in Tokyo Inn in the novel Pausing, but that is on Marco Island, not in Naples.

Tell us something about your Alma Mater? Were you part of any clubs?

I went to high school at York High in Yorktown VA, but was too busy partying to be in any groups (or at least to remember if I was…). For college I went to two small schools (Thomas Nelson in Newport News, VA, and August State University in Augusta, GA) while working multiple jobs, so I didn’t do much with any clubs.


Do you go to the beach often? Do you prefer sunrise or sunset visits? Why?

I live quite close to the beach but don’t go often. I prefer to spend my time in the swamp. My favorite beach is Tigertail on Marco Island. It is part lagoon and part gulf beach and has the most amazing birds. But whether it’s beach or swamp, I always have my camera with me.

I am a sunrise person all the way. I love mornings.

Swamp at sunrise

What was the last movie that you saw in the theatre?  Did you love it or not and why?

The last movie I saw in a commercial (public) theater was Jurassic World, in July of 2015. It was okay. Before that, the last movie was Rent, ten years earlier. I’m not a big fan of movie theatres. We have a 21-seat theater, in our community clubhouse that I go to occasionally. The last movie there was The Secret Life of Pets.

The secret live of pets

What is in the works for you?

I’m currently working on a sequel to Pausing, a dystopian romance, and a thriller. Jordy and Keira will join me for the still unnamed sequel, but the main characters will be minor ones from Pausing. I’ll be hanging out in a downtown Naples art gallery to get ready for this one. I’m 47k words into the dystopian romance, with at least two others planned in that series. And the thriller has been started but put aside for the others right now. That will be set in Big Cypress and include Gwen and PJ from Anywhere, Everywhere. Once upon a time I would never think about writing on more than one project at a time, but these days I can’t seem to help myself.

Here is an excerpt from Pausing.

I wonder if I could get some measurements.” Keira gave Jordy a hopeful look. “Some idea of the size of the furniture in there now?”

Jordy glanced around. “I need something to measure with.”

I have a tape measure,” Keira said. She pulled one out of her shoulder bag. “Never leave home without it,” she joked.

Jordy laughed. She liked this woman. But she also didn’t want her out in the dayroom. Not while it was occupied.

Donte was standing at the back of the room. Jordy waved him over.

Yeah, boss,” he said.

Give me a hand with something in the dayroom?”

“Sure.” He turned to Keira. “Hi, I’m Donte.”

I’m Keira,” she replied back.

Keira smiled at him, the smile Jordy couldn’t help thinking was warm and sweet and… whoa, really, Jord?

Keira, do you have paper and pen?” Jordy asked her.

Book Cover

She nodded and retrieved that from her bag as well. That was when Jordy noticed the dainty ring on Keira’s right ring finger. The stones were arranged into a rainbow of colors. Now, this is interesting.

Can I see your cell phone?” Jordy asked.

Keira raised an eyebrow before pulling her phone from her bag as well.

Jordy took the phone from her and dialed her own cell number. She answered when it rang and then handed Keira’s phone back to her.

Jordy put her phone up to her face and said, “Can you hear me now?”

Keira laughed into hers. “Yes, I can hear you.”

Jordy and Donte went out into the dayroom and Jordy measured and told Keira the numbers via cell phone. Donte was mostly there to watch Jordy’s back. She couldn’t concentrate on measuring, talking to Keira on the phone, and being sufficiently aware of her surroundings all at the same time.

She’s pretty,” Donte said when no one else was close.

Yes, she is, and she’s also still on the phone,” Jordy answered.

Donte’s light brown skin started glowing red and Jordy laughed.

Keira asked for Jordy to measure the back wall in its entirety. Jordy did. Then they wrapped it up.

Jordy walked Keira out to the lobby.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for me today,” Keira said.

It’s the least I could do. Thank you for your generosity.” Jordy didn’t understand the feeling that washed over her then. Her mind started reeling; she desperately wanted to make an excuse to see her longer, or again, or something.

Keira smiled. “I will be in touch if I have any questions. It will probably be a few weeks before I get it all ready to be delivered.”

Will you be coming by on delivery day?” Jordy asked, knowing she must sound like a hopeful school girl with a blossoming crush.

Keira looked like she was considering that for the first time. “Well, I do believe I will.”


Let’s give a big thank you to Renee. For more about her, don’t forget to check out her links below, including her blog which you can follow.

Renee’s Blog

Renee’s Facebook Page

Renee’s Instagram Page

Purchase ‘Pausing’

Purchase ‘Pausing’ – Affinity

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Meet Author SL Gape

Good morning Everyone and welcome.  Today author Louise Gape has stopped by to chat with us.  Her new book, ‘Too Soon’ is getting very positive reviews. I invite you to stop in and meet this amazing woman and get to know her.


 “Live life to the full. We only get one chance at it!”

Louise Gape

 What is ‘Too Soon’ about?

‘Too soon’ is about Brooke a detective from Oxford, England who is currently off work from her job as a detective following a shooting. Her life is pretty much in turmoil with the exception of her boss/girlfriend; until Maria shatters her life and tells her she’s leaving her for their best friend and insisting Brooke leaves their home.

Brooke’s best friends Kate and Jo are there to back her and get her through everything and suggest getting away for a while. Alas, Brooke ends up in A holiday park in Anglesey.

Enter Chloe, driven, dynamic, spunky and finds it impossibly hard to not poke fun of the uptight Brooke at every opportunity. Brooke’s life slowly starts to unfold, revelations of the relationship becoming clear and each weekend spent with her new friend Chloe when she comes to spend time at her holiday home.

Their bond grows, but the uncertainty of all against them lingers as to whether it’s meant to be or whether it’s simply ‘Too Soon.’ 

It’s obvious by your book cover that you love the beach, tell us more why you chose it.

Creating my front cover is almost as exciting as writing for me. I have a tendency to envisage my cover prior to choosing the title. I knew I wanted it to be very surf orientated as that was the drive I got whilst writing Too Soon.  I love the beach, the sounds of the ocean, and the surf. I love that release and escape that it brings, as with writing. It’s completely my happy place, which is unfortunately the downside of living in the U.K. But I guess it makes me appreciate it all the more when I go on vacation. 

Book Cover

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  Have you received any awards or recognition for your work?

No I didn’t. I was very sports focussed in school. I love Shakespeare but I never did anything like this. In fact, I only started writing less than two years ago, by way of release and it resulted in this.  Which is completely surreal and strange to me, but I’m loving it no less.

Is there anyone or anything in your life who encouraged you to write?   What did they do?

I guess not. I did my first book as a way of avoiding having to face change that was going on in my professional life.  It began as a story I’d write on the numerous occasions I was living in hotels and away from home, and ended up being 100k words.  This in turn resulted in being offered a few publishing deals. After that I realised I loved it and … yeah, I guess I’m engrossed in it. The escapism of it is what captivates me. I love that.

Does your writing include aspects about you?

Yes, I think any writer subliminally includes elements of your life but it does frustrate me when people say “oh that’s such and such a person” I feel the need to redo it.  (This could be my friends thinking they’re funny though haha) But that’s my perfectionism I guess. I actively try to refrain, although my first book The Life of Riley, was very much about my life experience as a holiday rep. Which is a big thing in Europe and not so much in the US, but I spent 7 years doing the job and lived in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Lapland, Dom Rep and Bahamas so there was a lot of infusion from those experiences; not that it was about me per se. 

Have you ever had a fantasy come true?

Well I guess it depends in what the reference of fantasy is? If you mean a fantasy dream something I wished would happen then yes, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have many. If, however, you are referring to more of a ‘romantic’ fantasy then no not really.  I guess there are times when I’ve wanted something to happen and it has but I’m a complete romantic so I’d probably never see it as a fantasy happening as I’d probably never deem it as being impacting enough. 

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?  Can you elaborate on what has worked for you to generate creativity?

Can you elaborate on what has worked for you to generate creativity? I guess I hope they like my books.  It’s difficult for me as I’m very self-critical and nothing is good enough, throw into the mix the fact I’m new to this, don’t do this full time as a career and have never had any steer or direction, I can only go off what the readers think. And as I said I hope they like it and I hope I can sustain that enjoyment for them. In terms of creativity, I’m not so sure things really do just come to me and I run with it.  That can sometimes be difficult as at present I’m in the middle of writing three different, and very different novels, and dependant on what mood I’m when I sit down to write I’ll go to that book. It can sometimes get very confusing. I’m a complete home girl I’ve been and done the partying and I enjoy curling up with a glass of red, my candles and my laptop and that fires the creativity.

Where is the last place you traveled?  Can you tell us more about your adventure?

Cancun. One of my favourite places for a vacation. I’ve been every year for the last 5 years. I have a fairly stressful job so I’m very much about downloading as many books on my kindle as possible and laying in the pool with my margaritas and reading. Equally I tend to get a lot of inspiration overseas, so I managed to write 75% of Worlds Apart which is the book after Fight to the Top which will be out next month.  I love travelling whether it be a beach holiday or even just a visit to Anglesey. 

Do you follow any sports teams?  If so can you tell us a bit about your interest in them?

If so can you tell us a bit about your interest in them? I love Miami dolphins.  People often assume I’m in to football because I’m from the UK and London.  But personally, not my thing. My favourite thing is to go to Florida for Super Bowl and hit up a sports bar and watch Super Bowl with some wings and wine.  I love how embroiled everyone gets in it. I have spent a lot of time in Florida both work and pleasure and despite them never doing as well as I’d want (aside from this year) I still root for them.

Louise Gape

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love to travel and I do that frequently. I go to Jamaica in April and am super excited. Outside of that my favourite things are photography and cooking.  I love just driving off and finding awesome things to photograph but I’m not a fan of greenery so the UK is wasted on me.  However, getting up at 6/7am on a Saturday morning putting the radio on and cooking/prepping some Indian or Mexican food is my total happy place.

Have you seen the now syndicated English series Absolutely Fabulous?  Who do you relate to the most, Edwina, Patsy, or Saffron?

Yes of course I’m British haha. I’d love to say Saffy the well-mannered bright one; in actuality I’m probably more likened to Eddie the ditsy, uncoordinated drunk (for clarity I’m not a drunk).

What was the last musical performance you attended?

Wicked.  I bought it for an ex-girlfriend years ago, and we split up pre, but still went… Erm Slightly awkward. 

Can you give us a shout out about your hometown (or it can be the one you reside in now)?  What is a fun and interesting attraction to visit there?

I live in a village called Stockton Heath, Cheshire and it’s awesome. My local pub the Lion is very English where we all know each other and has the best sun trap looking out onto a bowls green. The village is very Mediterranean in summer which is difficult to not be coaxed into venturing out. I love it, I love how quaint it is and calls in a lot of people especially over the weekends. 

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

Negativity. It appears everywhere, relationships, family, religion, money. I mean don’t get me wrong personally I’d get trump out and Obama back in (personal opinions sorry) but if you take negativity and focus on positivity then I genuinely believe the world would be a better place… I’m a romantic novelist though I guess I could be deemed as being unrealistic

Me:  Making a gratitude list each day is very helpful in achieving positivity.

Heart in the Sun

What types of service work have you participated in.  How was your experience?

I’m ashamed to say I don’t really get involved in too much.  I spend a lot of time either at work, writing with my nieces and nephews and my partners 101-year-old gran.

Me:  Wow.  This is so sweet. You know your loved ones appreciate this.

What is next in the works for you?

My next novel Fight to the Top is out next month. Triplicity Publishing already have Worlds Apart my novel after that and I’m currently in the process of writing some other material which will all be out later in the year.

 Book Cover

Here is an excerpt from Too Soon:

“So, you see a poor girl upset, sad and distressed and you make fun of her? This will be an amazing six weeks?” she said smiling a little.  She felt at ease already, and was glad of that fact.  “Now, please, mystery surf woman, it’s taken me forever and a day to get here, please show me where my room is?” she said seriously.  

She watched the woman lift her eyebrow smirking.  “The good news is, that’s your palace, princess” She pointed behind her. “In front of you, therefore, you park up here and you’re good to go” she said smiling and walking off.  She shouted behind her without even turning around “and FYI, the mystery surfer’s name, is Chloe.  In case you were wondering?” she said turning and disappearing off, surfboard in hand.  Brooke watched Chloe leave, her long dark hair, wavy from the water. 

At last, you have found your home, she thought.  She parked her car up and went to unlock the door, deciding not to move a single bag until she had opened and got into the right place.  After today’s traumas, she was clearly very pessimistic.  Luckily for Brooke, she was good. It was the right place and she was home free. Walking in, Brooke was amazed by the size of it. Regardless of the fact it was sold as a static and not a tourer, which she didn’t understand, she couldn’t help but assume it would be a small room with a bed, settee, fridge and mini oven in. And a toilet and sink in the corner.  It wasn’t like that though; it was a small house, a small flat. It had a full kitchen, a full lounge and dining room, a full two bedrooms and a full bathroom.  She was completely astounded. It was lovely and so cute.  She walked to the end of the lounge and opened the blinds to reveal the patio doors.  Opening them out onto her balcony, she took in the most spectacular sea views. Brooke sighed, and for the first time in nearly two weeks she realised it was a sigh of happiness, she couldn’t believe it, this was all completely perfect she thought. 

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#Flashback Friday – My review of Suzie Carr’s ‘The Dance.’

Good morning everyone and welcome.  With the arrival of author Suzie Carr’s new book, ‘Beneath Everything’, people are talking about it in a big way.  However I wanted to share with you my review of her book, ‘The Dance,’ originally published on 29-July-16.  This book comes from the author’s heart and is one that you don’t want to miss.  Come see why Suzie’s work is so popular.  Read on.  #FF.

Hello Everyone and a warm welcome to you all.  Earlier this summer I finished Suzie Carr’s The Dance.  This book is the talk of the town so stop on by to see why.

 Profile Picture

“You can tell a lot about a person by the way she dances,”  

Brooke from ‘The Dance’

Jacky is a dog whisperer who is very successful and loves her job.  Her family relations are strong and family comes first.  Jacky is sexually deprived which frustrates her.  Although she tries, she has little success.  She is quick to react and the tiger in her really emerges.  She is stubborn and does not back down very easily.   Despite this, she is a natural when it comes to the dogs and is able to get them to change their negative behavior.

A twist comes which totally changed the course of the story.   The author clearly describes Jacky’s frustration and her thoughts about her desire to turn back time to the place where she felt complete.  At the same time, she is forced to accept that some actions cannot be undone.

Brooke is a beekeeper who lives with her grandparents.  Her entire life is bees and it shows in her calm manner.  She hires Jacky because she cannot control her dog, a beautiful beagle who has been an asset to her life.  The tone of her voice is gentle, which reached out to me.  This character was an example of what a wise woman would be like, soft spoken, positive, and lives the life she wants the world to see.

Sophie is Jacky’s step daughter who lives with her.  She is very intelligent and grounded and mature for her age.  Her demeanor is very soft and peaceful.  A decision changes the course of her life, making her a strong young woman.  I was impressed by her determination for her long term vision.  Her fearlessness shows the reader that nothing is impossible.  It was beautiful watching this character develop.

However, Sophie is haunted by her past and ritualizes a strange memory that reminds her of why she is hurt.  Will she ever escape her pain?

 The Dance Book Cover

“Even her skin tickled as the light breeze blew in through the window, covering her in the romantic scent of a heartfelt high.”

Suzie Carr The Dance.

All of the characters are dynamic and complex.  The players are so well described that you get a sense that they are actual living people.  You will get into their heads and become aware of their desires and experiences.

The ‘mother-daughter’ relationship really takes hold right away.  The emotion that both characters share set the tone in these greatly written scenes.  It is easy to understand both sides to the story.  Both of them lead the reader along, wondering about the when.

Many times I was educated on certain facts as I was reading.  I picked up this book knowing nothing about bees and was actually a bit fearful of them.   Here the author goes into great detail about the experiences the characters had when around bees.  She visited a bee apiary for research, which is clearly seen in the story.  I applaud her for being brave and going for it.  Because of this, the characters are living the story instead of just playing along.  By the time I finished the book I had a much better understanding about bees. They add greatly to the story and the reader can see the affect they have on the characters.

The author offers many words of wisdom throughout the story that will enhance your reading experience.  You will feel your soul expand.

The author offers a sense of humor several times.    It will have you laughing.  The laughs are all in the right places and well thought out.

By the end of the story I felt like I had been on this incredible spiritual journey.  Suzie is a very passionate and positive storyteller who will grab your heart.  Plan your next free day for the ride and allow yourself to be swept away into the depths of your imagination.

Five Stars.

Until Next Time,


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My Review for Samantha Jacobey’s ‘Christmas Eve’



‘Christmas Eve’ is the sequel to ‘Christmas Candy.’ It is a new chapter in Candy Parker’s life. She is back with a brand new attitude. She and her family are living in the home of the fireman, Gary, who had rescued her mom, Lanelle, and young son, Dakota, from the fire that destroyed her home the year before.

They are getting married and Candy is scared. She fears that she won’t be able to offer him the life she believes he deserves. Their relationship is very evolved and the love for both people is deep. This guy is amazing in all aspects. Yet she is fixated on one thing about him.

Candy grew up in a single parent household and found that she needed to put forth a lot of effort and faith to get the things she wanted out of life. Nothing was handed to her. Her fear of having money is great, yet she wants to move forward with her life. I really felt she was ready to change.

Candy loves her family more than anything and is always there for them. Her son is the joy of her life and the author clearly shows it. There were a few touching mother-son scenes that may cause your eyes to tear. Mine did.


“Her heart beating wildly inside her chest, Candy squeezed his hand. It’s ok, she steadied herself. They had rehearsed for this moment a few days before, but standing there, before his family, she found each breath a struggle. Her lips curled into a large grin, she waited as his fingers smoothed a few hairs out of her face.”


Samantha Jacobey – Christmas Eve

Candy also has to deal with Gary’s family as she is not comfortable with their ample lifestyle. She puts on a smile, her insides are shaking. Gary’s mother, Evelyn, is very controlling and not very accepting. He loves his mother, yet is now put in between the two women in his life. I found Evelyn to be annoying and at times I wanted to set her straight. This character was well thought out and the story shows it.

At the same time a secret from the past emerges, putting Candy in a difficult situation.   She is forced to deal with this at this time. Her frustration and fear were clearly felt, bringing empathy out in me.  One supporting character made me angry. This made the story even better and you’re going to have to read the book to find out more.

Candy has dreams, like all of us. What she wants more than anything is a loving home.   Deep inside, she is a strong woman. All she has to do is allow herself to grow.  The question is will love prevail.

The pace of the story is fast and can be read in an afternoon. The author included very clear descriptions and many times I felt like I was in the scene with the characters. The author also added a nice touch by naming all of the chapters.

I am waiting for the next chapter of Candy. If you like, you can read ‘Christmas Candy’ first. Here is an excerpt from this fine story:

Candy stared at the dress hanging on the back of her door. A creamy winter white made entirely of lace, it hung just below her knees when she had tried it on, and she knew that it was the one. Her veil a simple mesh that covered her face and topped her head with cream colored roses, she couldn’t wait to wear them.

As a girl, she had stopped dreaming of such things about the time her father died. She felt as if she had lived in a dark tunnel since that night, always running, trying to escape, but there had been no light at the end. Not until Gary came into her life, and even then she couldn’t see his light for so long; hadn’t wanted to see it.

Her fingers lightly caressing the lace skirt, she smiled. “We’re going to have a beautiful life,” she breathed. “Dreams really do come true.” Dropping the fabric, she packed her backpack and headed down stairs. She wanted to get to the school early and be ready for her last exam of the year.


I am recommending this story for everyone who loves the end of the year holidays with some romantic drama.


Five Stars.

Until next time,



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My Review for Samantha Jacobey’s ‘Christmas Candy’

Good afternoon friends. Welcome to the Christmas blog blast for Samantha Jacobey’s ‘Christmas Candy.’ I am very excited to share my review so come on in and join in with the fun.  Enjoy!


Christmas is nearing and our main character, Candy is doing her best with her challenged young son.   Motherhood is natural for her and her sincerity is clearly shown.  She goes out of her way for him and puts him first.

Candy knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it, and get her way.  She is a little spicy, and a real character.  Her strong traits came out several times during the story.  I found it refreshing to see her speak her mind and stand her ground.  She takes care of herself.

On the sidelines stands her love interest.  However she won’t allow herself to pursue him because of a deep seated grief from a loss in her past.  Trust issues come up, creating fear in her.  She wants to break free, but at the same time is keeping herself prisoner.  But for how long?

Life throws her a curveball during the midst and she is forced to surrender some of her self-sufficiency and allow others to help. By humbling herself she is able to process her feelings.  While reading this fiery, committed, chase, you’ll be dying to know what happens next.  Very well done!

This read makes a great stocking stuffer and can be finished in about two hours. The pace is fast so I found myself backtracking a few times just so I wouldn’t miss out on anything important.  The story is easy to follow.  Each scene is described in such a way that I felt part of it.  I am recommending this book for you all!

Scroll down to read more about ‘Christmas Candy’.   I have included an audio and a text excerpt.


Here is excerpt #1.  It is an audio file from ‘Christmas Candy’.

Take a listen to the audio file

Here is excerpt #2 from ‘Christmas Candy’.

Swinging around to face her, he towered above her short frame. Catching her hair, he tugged on it playfully while bending his face down close to hers. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?” he blurted, his smile tantalizing. 

Staring at him in wide-eyed surprise, she demanded, “I thought you were going to stop pushing me to date you!” 

“I’m not pushing, and this isn’t a date,” his lips made contact, but only for a brief moment. Stepping back, he caught her hand and pushed the button to call for the elevator at the same time. 

Holding him nervously, Candice followed him into the cubicle, and waited for the doors to close. Once they were alone in the small space, she pulled at his arm and teased, “You make it really hard to trust you.” 

“Only keeping you on your toes,” he shot back while staring up at the ceiling.

“Is that a short joke?” 

“Maybe,” the doors parted and they exited together.

Five Stars.

Until Next Time,


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My Review of Catherine Lane’s ‘Heartwood’

Good morning and welcome to you all!  Today I’m sharing my review of Catherine Lane’s ‘Heartwood.’  I found out about this adventure from the author herself and want to thank her.  This is another story you don’t want to miss, especially if you love some mystery.  Come on in and join us.


Beth Walker is a writer who has a lot of books under her name. In fact, the whole little town where she lives worships her work. Unfortunately, she is a recluse with no friends. I could see that underneath her protective armor, she is smart, witty, and has a caring heart. She is intelligent and a success in many people’s eyes, including mine. One can’t help but wonder what happened.

The story backtracks to 1960 when Beth was in her youth. At the time, she is a bit naïve and unsure of her life’s ambitions. All she knows is the sheltered life she lives with her birth family. During the day she helps out with the family business. Deep inside she has a dream that is itching to come forth.

Soon Beth is introduced to an older actress, Dawn. Dawn and her husband have just bought a nice house in the little town that Beth lives in and he wanted her to have a companion so he hires her.   He is off filming for weeks on end.

Dawn is in an arranged marriage and doesn’t love her husband; her heart is sad, yet she does what she can to keep up appearances. At the same time, they are having a baby together. Dawn is scared, yet I felt a motherly vibe from her and know that she was going to love motherhood. The author did an excellent job describing Dawn’s emotions during her pregnancy.

Dawn grew up in a loveless household, so it is no wonder that she found a career where she could act out the emotions she was never allowed to show growing up. At the same time, I get that she resents being a known person in the entertainment business. This would explain why the big house in the unknown town.

The sensual scenes were very romantic, and hot. The descriptions flow just right and they really tugged at my heartstrings. The love is definitely there which really deepens the scenes.

Then the story returns to the present. A mystery comes forth that kept me on edge the entire ride.   As it unfolds so does the intensity of the mood. Needless to say be prepared for page turning scenes. The way they were described pulled me in and got my adrenaline going.

Bring in Nikka. She is a go-getter who lives by her father’s words, “Winners embrace opportunity, big or small.” She is a mid-level associate for a law firm and works for a Lea Truman, an attorney who is handling Beth Walker’s affairs to the best of everyone’s knowledge.

The characters are so well written, that I was turned off by one of them, right from the start. Immediately, I felt her razor sharp nails as they scratched the chalkboard.

Maggie is a former personal chef for Ms. Walker whom I feel was wrongfully terminated. She was perfect for the main character as she cared for her wellbeing and went out of her way to make her meals special. However, Maggie is independent and doesn’t like to work for too many people. I can see how she may have ruffled the feathers of others along the way.

Maggie always attacked life as if she were climbing a mountain: finding her route as she moves forward, only looking up to the top, not waiting for others to catch up. She is fearless and doesn’t let rules stop her in any way. Once she makes up her mind, she finds all the hoops to go through.

Nikka and Maggie don’t know it, but their love and dedication toward Beth, deeply impresses upon her heart. Their actions and words are genuine and not guided by some self-fulfilling agenda. Their strengths as a team are shown in various places throughout the story.

Another strong supporting character, Josie, emerges during the story. Her heart is as big as the world and she is not afraid to go the extra mile to accomplish what she sets out to do. Josie is someone everyone deserves to have as a friend as she is the real deal. Her role is small, but important and with her come secrets from the past.

Be prepared. There are a few scenes that were very disturbing and it took me some time to get through them. One truth that came forward got me crying because I know how messed up things are. I don’t like to see anyone get hurt and was crushed when I read about the extent of the madness in the story. What was frightening was that the scenes were so real that I felt like I was there witnessing them.

I am waiting for a sequel to this story.

I would suggest that you carve out some time to read the book and not feel rushed. Keep a box of tissues nearby as there are some scenes where you’re going to need them. When I was finished I was left thinking about how a single moment can change the course of life. Everyone deserves fulfillment and love and Beth Walker was full of love and I enjoyed watching her emerge as the strong woman she is. She is her own hero and should be proud of herself.


Here is an excerpt:

After lunch, Beth and Dawn strode deep into the redwoods behind the house. Tall trees towered over them, their branches creating a protective canopy over the green moss and ferns and a little path that disappeared deep into the grove. Afternoon sunlight filtered down among the leaves and dappled their shoulders and heads with an almost magical glow. 

Dawn stretched out her arms and whirled around, spinning in the light. “This is like a fairyland. I can hear the music. The trees are singing.” 

“So you can read plants as well as people?” Beth cringed. Had she gone too far? 

Dawn laughed and patted the nearest tree, a grand giant disappearing into the blue sky. “You don’t need any special skills to know how happy they are here. You probably just have stopped noticing. You’ve lived here all your life, right?” 

“Is it that obvious?” 

“Yeah, it is. Look at you. You walk as if you belong here. Nothing timid about the way you move in the forest. You should move through life like that.”

Five Stars.

Until Next Time,


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