Meet Photographer Laure Dherbécourt

Good afternoon friends. It is so great to see you all. Today I have a real treat for you. Photographer Laure Dherbécourt is here to chat about her work. This woman is amazing and each aspect of herself describes just that. Come on over and meet this talented and humble woman.

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Where Reunion Island is on the map

           Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in France. I wasn’t born there but I grew up in Normandy, in the country surrounded by goats and plenty of other animals and my parents always showed me the sustainable development. I made my entire schooling in Normandy… I worked 8 years near Paris after my graduation from college. It’s when I had my 1st experiences with women… 10 years ago, after I’ve lost my job I had a wonderful opportunity to come in Réunion Island (a French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean). I discovered this Island when I was in middle school. A classmate who spent 5 years over here finished her school-year with us. She showed us some pics during recess. I was intrigued so I asked my parents where Réunion was … They told me to have a look in the dictionary .. It wasn’t enough so I had a look in encyclopedias, I bought some books and fell in love with the Island. When I went to college, I met some people from Réunion and I discovered the creole language …  I feel at home over here … Even if I’m the only one person from my blood family over here & I’m single for now, I have a good Life and I enjoy it as a Nature Lover, a bird rescuer, a photographer, a scuba-diver, and plenty other things, surrounded by my heart family (I know one of my heart sister since 21 years) and a few other good friends. I love reading comic books (I’m a huge fan of Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” since I was a child) and lesfic paperbacks in English (I also read some Ebooks sometimes ‘cause I’m not totally old fashioned, lmao), singing (working on country songs is another way for me to enjoy the English language), hiking, dancing, cooking, laughing and making the others laugh …


Tell us about your love for Photography. Where can we find your work?

For now Nature photography (including underwater photography) is a hobby and I like it this way. But maybe someday it will be a part of my job… I’ll see later, when I’ll have more pictures, maybe I’ll release a book or two (I’ve already had several requests about that, mostly from US citizen).

I haven’t any personal blog. From time to time I share some pics for my friends on my personal Facebook page. Since I’m not a “friends hunter” I haven’t thousands of friends, I prefer to have only a few (hundreds) of cyber friends but being able to exchange regularly with them. Facebook is also a work tool for me, a way to reach some people I work with.

I’m not very active those last few weeks over there since I’m a bit bored by this social media but I have a Twitter account ( ) where I share some pics too but less than on Facebook.. Of course I have some common contacts between Facebook and Twitter (since I met plenty of great authors on the Blue Bird) but I haven’t the same use … Twitter is for me a way to reach different kinds of people : scientists, artists, etc.

I must think a bit more about that but maybe someday I’ll share my work on Pinterest. On Instagram, you won’t find me for now since I haven’t any smartphone or tablet (so I can’t use the app which is needed to create the account…). I’ll see when I’ll have the good device for that (I mean when I’ll have no other choice than having a smartphone, lol).

One of my pics of Red-tailed Tropicbird (Phaethon rubricauda) was published 2 years ago in a book about the local wildlife (“La Réunion, Faune et Flore” from Austral Editions).

20151010 - Book Fair - Release of 'Faune et Flore'

           Where is the most exotic place you’ve visited?

When I lived in France the most exotic places I‘ve visited were Réunion Island and Mauritius (in 2003) But since I live in Réunion now maybe I can say that the most exotic place I‘ve visited is Iceland (it was also in 2003)…

I love travelling … Since I was a child I dream to visit the USA and Canada but I also want to discover Australia, South Africa (and a few other countries in Africa), the Caribbean … I want to be able to dive all around the world …

       What do you like to during October? What is this month like in Réunion?

In October and November in Réunion it’s the arrival of the Southern Summer (I can’t say that it’s Spring since we only have 2 real seasons over here) : the days are a bit longer and warmer .. Plenty of flowers bloom and birds are everywhere, preparing their breeding season… Life and Love are in the air and it’s very cool !!


Tell us about your interest in birds of your area.

A long time ago I’ve discovered the Tropicbirds through the lyrics of a local creole song … I instantly fell in love with the name “Payanké”. In French we call them “Phaétons” (Phaethons) or “Pailles-En-Queue” (but, please, don’t translate literally the name by “Straw-In-Tale” like I’ve recently seen … ).

I saw my 1st real Tropicbird in 2003 when I went under the tropics for the 1st time. Seeing those birds in flesh and feathers was amazing and I fell head over heels in love with them.. I wanted to know them better so I did some research but it was disappointing.

Eight years ago I joined the local ornithological association. I’ve learned plenty of things about plenty of birds. I’m a volunteer involved in the Rescue Network as “Head of Network”, it means that I’m an area manager or sort of and that I’m able to make some diagnostics about the rescued birds, take care of them, collect the data that scientists need for their studies, put a ring on them and, the best part .. release them !!) It’s very interesting but, once again, I wasn’t able to learn a lot about Tropicbirds until, lucky me, I found the part of the “Handbook of the birds of the world” which talked about Tropicbirds. I scanned it and I translated it into French … I learned a lot of things. But each day some new things are discovered so I try to stay informed since I’m currently, for the association a least, the Tropicbirds expert. More recently, a new book with a chapter about Tropicbirds was published : “The Birds of Africa: Volume VIII , The Malagasy Region: Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros, Mascarenes”. What a surprise I had when I read it : I found my name in it about what it stays for now the most amazing thing I’ve witnessed in my life…

I love all birds but Tropicbirds are my favorites …

I currently lead a scientific study for the association (my 1st one !!) , I’ll let you guess what its subject is …  LOL

20160824 - White-tailed Tropicbird (Phaethon lepturus) (1)The Birds of Africa - Volume 8 - The malagasy region (cover)

What is the most amazing thing you’ve seen in your life?

Like I said, Tropicbirds are my favorite birds and I can tell you that the most amazing thing I’ve witnessed was on April 18th 2011 when a Red-tailed Tropicbird (Phaethon rubricauda) laid her egg in my hand … , when 46 days later (one day after the egg has hatched) PhaOnce opened his little eyes and looked at me right in the eyes (I was the 1st person he’s seen so I became his Mom). PhaOnce’s development lasted 4 months (against an average of 3 months in Nature) but he was able to take off. I cried a lot on October 4th 2011 … I was sad to see him leave but I was, most of all, very proud of him and happy to see him being able to live his life in the Wild, where he belongs like ALL the birds (and other wild animals) in the World …

20110418 - PhaOnce's egg just laid in my hand20111004 - PhaOnce ready to take off

PhaOnce stands for “Phaethon Once” .. but, at the same time, it’s a tribute to a former local slave who escaped, lived in a place called “Piton Rouge” (Red Piton) and was named “King Phaonce” …

Where is a great place to go hiking and see nature in Réunion? Which parts have you connected to?

Réunion (aka “the Little Hawaii”) offers several kinds of unique and unforgettable landscapes What is great over here is that from the crashing waves to the summit of the mountains Nature is everywhere … and our sunsets are amazing!


We regularly (and literally) feel the beating heart of the planet over here, we can for real take the pulse of our Earth because of the “Piton de la Fournaise” (Peak of the Furnace), one of the most active volcanoes of the planet..

20160914 - Eruption - Piton de La Fournaise20171013 - Toward the ''Piton de Bert''

The National Park covers 42% of the island and it offers hundreds of kilometers of walking trails. Of course, you’ll also find walking trails outside of the National Park, in some protected areas.

If you want to explore entirely my lovely island, you must dive : snorkeling is great but nothing to compare with scuba diving !! And no need to be afraid of sharks. Sadly, we never see them when we scuba dive …

OK in Réunion you won’t find a very large range of wildlife (compared to Hawaii or Madagascar) but in the same time we have plenty of endemic birds, insects and plants …


What caught your interest in beta reading manuscripts for authors?

I’ve been beta-reading in French and Creole for a friend of mine for several years now, and for almost two years, I’ve been reading lesfic in English. It was a bit hard in the beginning since I hadn’t practiced much English since graduating from college. But I’ve worked hard ( a lot of vocabulary searches), and step by step my skills have improved. I’ve noticed mistakes in novels from time to time, providing that information to the editors. They’ve always thanked me and assured that they would correct the errors before the next release of the book. I was happy to help.

I became interested in beta-reading lesfic after reading two novels written by the same author which were full of nonsense and typos (change in the name of the characters, poor pronoun usage, etc.). I was very disappointed with the quality, and I told myself that as a non-anglophone by birth, if I was able to catch those mistakes, maybe I could do some beta reading.

A few months ago, I saw an announcement posted by a friend of someone searching for beta readers. I responded saying that I was interested but asked if it was okay as English is not my mother language. When my offer was declined for that precise reason, I confess that I was offended, sad, and disappointed. BUT … (yeah there’s always a « but » somewhere) KA Moll saw the comment and directly asked me if I wanted to join her beta-reader-team. I was so touched and happy!! No need to tell you that I said yes without any hesitation. As a test, we worked on her then current WIP, “Close Enough To Touch,” written under her pen name “Cade Brogan”. We both appreciated the collaboration and decided to pursue it further. We’re currently working on, “Whispers of the Heart,” a sequel to “Change of Heart.”

A bit after I finished working with KA, another author sent me a friend request on Facebook. She’d heard about my good work from KA and asked if I would agree to beta-read for her. I want everybody to know that that author is you, Lynn … You’re very welcome BTW!! I appreciated our first experience working together and am happy to be reading your current WIP.

More recently, I had an exchange with Tey Holden about her novel, “Turning On A Dime” (Addy and Karen Series – Book 1). I wanted to read it but, sadly, I wasn’t able to purchase it as the paperback format was out of stock on Amazon. We began to chat about this problem, and as a solution, she asked me to join her beta-reader-team. So, here we go again!! We’re currently working together on her next novel.

I’m really touched by your trust ladies, THANK YOU !!!

KA Moll:

Lynn Lawler:


Tey Holden:


           What is the last lesfic book you read? What did you like about it?

The last lesfic novel I’ve read is Erica Abbott‘s “Fragmentary Blue” (Thriller series Book 1). It’s a discovery for me since I’ve never read anything by Erica before. I confess that I liked it a lot : there’s a good chemistry between CJ & Alex, some quite erotic passages, some action and a bit of humor… Definitely a good book !! Can’t wait to read the others in the series …

I love the novels which allow us to ask ourselves some questions for a permanent self-discovery journey (even if it’s a very emotional one) , which help us to evolve and become a better “Self”. Suzie Carr is very good in that both in her novels and on her blog :

I’m a huge fan of thrillers and other cops novels. I also love the docs stories, the soldiers stories but also the more common people stories …

Sadly, some authors seem to forget that nobody’s has a “perfect body”, so, I really appreciate when the main character of a novel has a disability  … I want to remind that the beauty & the « physical perfection » will always be different due to the eyes which watch … The best way to truly love someone is not to watch outside but deeply inside the other person, to understand her heart, her mind and her soul …

I like a lot the “paranormal” topic. I know the Soul Mates / Twin Mates exist .. my Soul Mate, the ONE is somewhere, over here, or over there and we’ll find each other when the good time will arrive … Waiting for her, I enjoy my life and find the romance I need in those novels I love.

Since I haven’t read any sci-fi novels yet , I won’t talk about this topic, for now … I’m not a beginner any more since I read for almost 2 years now but I have still plenty of great authors to discover and hundreds (maybe thousands) of books to read before re-reading some of them …

Who is the person you admire the most and has been inspiring on your journey of life?

My parents showed me that, even it’s not the most easy path, it’s better to follow our dreams in Life, so … When , after having read Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” I understood what I was supposed to do, I did it !! And my parents supported me …

My favorite singer, Véronique Sanson, inspires me a lot ‘cause she’s an engaged and courageous person…

On the Nature side, the Commandant Jean-Yves Cousteau inspired me a lot … I wasn’t able to become a marine biologist but is doesn’t matter, I deeply love the Ocean and do my best to protect it. Nonetheless, I’m in contact with several members of the Cousteau family … And since I’m a scuba diver myself, I hope, someday, I’ll be able to dive with some of them …

20170830 - Scuba diving in ''Canyon''

How does the ‘glass is half full’ apply to your life now?

A long time ago I understood that, even if there are rough paths in Life, tough moments never last .. So I’ve always been the positive kind of person. Life has already proven me several times that I’m right to think like that. So .. no matter what, even after a few very difficult years on all the sides of my life, I still enjoy what I have, I am grateful for it and look right in front of me , it’s the better way to move forward…

Some songs are great to remind you the need to move on. Right now the three which come to my mind are:

Chely Wright’s “Shut up and drive” ( );

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” ( ) & Shania Twain’s “Life’s About To Get Good” ( )

Which other photographers do you follow?

I follow a bunch of photographers … on Twitter and/or on Facebook or elsewhere.

Klearphotography : or

Gabriel Barathieu (winner of the Underwater Photographer of the year: ). : or

Nicolas Rakotopare Photography : or

Paul Nicklen / Paul Nicklen Photography: or

Dave Z Photography : or

Still on the artistic side, I also love: Street art, Scultpure, Drawing, Painting, Music , Singing with harmonies made only with human voices, etc …

Do you create ‘dark room’ photos?  If so, do you have one you’d like to share?

Nope .. no “dark room” required for me ‘cause I work only with a digital camera (I can’t afford to take silver halide photography, it’s far too expensive … ).

Please, note that I don’t need Lightroom or Photoshop either. What you see on your screen when I share a pic is what my eye has caught .. I never work on my pics. I use Photoshop only to put my copyright on the pics. One could think it a shame not to use such a powerful tool but it’s my choice : I’m a Nature Photographer, so , I keep only what Nature gives to me, in the way she gives it to me …

Besides photography, in what other ways do you express yourself in the world?

When I was a bit younger I used to write some poems .. Mostly in French and a few ones in creole from Réunion … No translation in English available for now but maybe I’ll translate them someday to share them with the entire planet …   Still about poetry I have a few ideas for some creations, directly in English this time but nothing concrete for now.

On Facebook I tried plenty of groups around a lot of topics but in plenty of these groups people are not there to share and exchange, they just want to flatter their egos. Since I’m not interested by this sort of people, I’ve left those spaces.

Still on Facebook , I joined several groups (mostly lesfic related). Each time I share, I do it in all of them but some are not very dynamic so IDK if I’ll stay long … The one where I deeply enjoy the dynamism , where I feel really good and, so, where I’m the most active is Sheena Lemos Ebersohn‘s “The Lesbian Review Book Club” :

In spite of the strict rules in the groups, I’ve recently been harassed on Facebook (via PM) by a few women, and I don’t want to live all this once again.

I want to precise that, since I had very bad experiences before, I haven’t joined any dating groups (or dating sites BTW) Why ??? Just because I’m not on the internet to flirt (I trust the Universe to bring Love in my life … ) , I’m on the web to discover new things and places, exchange and share with people from the entire world. Our World is great and what makes is beauty is its diversity …

Oh … I wanted you to know that I also love inspirational quotations.. As example I can give you :

° “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

° “Work For A Cause, Not For Applause. Live Life To Express, Not To Impress. Don’t Strive To Make Your Presence Noticed, Just Make Your Absence Felt” – Unknown

° “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

° “When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander den Heijer

From time to time, I like pairing some of them with my pics as an illustration and share them on my timeline and in “Feed your Joy”, the group created by Suzie Carr on Facebook ( …

Don't be pushed ...

Work for a cause ...

What is next for you?

I’m a former Purchase and Logistics Manager. Since a few days I’m officially back on the employment market 😊 . It’s a total professional reconversion so I make my come back with the help of a cooperative (they help people during a while, to let them the time to start their own business). Between a few other things (mostly translator and beta reader), I’m now a tourism consultant (for eco-tourism) and this new job will allow me to work on, for and with my passions … Life is good !!!

I want to thank Laure for stopping by. If you’d like to know more about Laure, go to these links:


Feel free to ask her questions in the comments section.

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be posting my review for author Candace Walsh’s ‘Janeland.’

Until next time,


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#FF #Flashback Friday – Meet Author KA Moll

Good afternoon everyone and a warm welcome to you all. I want to thank author Darla Baker for stopping by last week. It was a pleasure to have you. For those of you who missed her interview, you can click on the link below.

Today I’m reposting my interview with author KA Moll that was originally published on 04-Mar-17. Since then she’s been busy and published ‘Blue Ice Landing’ and as Cade Brogan, ‘Close Enough to Touch.’ In addition, she is hard at work with her next project, a sequel to her best selling romance ‘Change of Heart,’ due out in early 2018. KA is an amazing woman . Read on to find out more about this dynamic story teller.


Good afternoon friends and welcome.  Today I have a special treat for you.  Author K.A. Moll has stopped by to chat.  She is busy underway with several writing projects, one of which is discussed below.  I read her book, ‘Change of Heart’ and reviewed it on 26-Aug-16.  This is definitely one to put on your reading list.

Author PhotoAbout all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all.

~ Rita Mae Brown

What is ‘Change of Heart’ about?

It’s a story about high school sweethearts, reunited after two decades. It’s about how these two women move beyond hurt feelings and shattered trust to rekindle their flame that still burns hot.

What was your inspiration behind the book cover for ‘Change of Heart’?

The cover for ‘Change of Heart’ is from a watercolor created by my biological sister, Cindy. Her work is also on the cover of “For A Moment’s Indiscretion.” I don’t know how she managed to get inside my head to capture this story in her painting…but she did. I was adopted as a preemie and didn’t find her until I was in my forties. It never fails to amaze me how we connected. It feels as if she’s been a part of my life forever.

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  If so, did you receive any awards or recognition for your work?

I was on the school newspaper in high school and I took writing/literature courses in college.

Was there anyone or anything in your life who encouraged you to write?   If so, what did they do?

My wife is my number one beta reader and my biggest fan. I couldn’t accomplish half of what I do without her support and input.

Is there a different genre that you’d like to write a story in and why?

No, not really. If there were, I’d have probably already written it. To date, I’ve written books in romance, paranormal, and suspense/thriller.

One day you get the call asking if you’d like to make ‘Change of Heart’ into a movie.  Who would you cast as the main players?

Wow…that’d be a nice call. Hmmmm…I guess Lily Gladstone for Jack…but she’d need a haircut. And for Courtney…I guess Stana Katic.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you. Thank you so much for reading my books and for opening your hearts to my characters, most of whom have considerable emotional baggage.

Can you elaborate on what has worked for you to regenerate creativity?

So far, I’ve been fortunate to have not needed much regeneration. If anything, I’ve had to beat stories down so that one could move forward. If I did need to regenerate, I’d listen to smooth jazz or walk a nature trail.

Have you ever created a character (either main or supporting) who was so awful in personality that even you felt dislike toward?

Jahi in “Haunting Love” was a nasty piece of work.


What musical groups do you follow and can you describe their style?

I like Fay Wolf, Hem, and k.d. Lang.

What is your favorite vegetarian meal?

I like most all vegetarian dishes a lot…especially Indian and Cajan…Mmmm, red beans and rice. But…I suppose my favorite would have to be my wife’s broccoli casserole.

Let’s give a shout out to TriPub books.  What would you like to say to them?

…That I couldn’t be more pleased…but they already know that.

What has been your favorite part of being an author?  The least favorite?

I pretty much love everything about it…but I suppose if I had to choose, my favorite thing would be getting to know and be a part of this amazing lesfic community. Least favorite…hummm…well I guess that would have to be marketing.

What other authors do you follow?  Which books would you recommend?

I’m a HUGE Radclyffe fan…although I must admit I like her older works better. My favorite of all her books is “Passion’s Bright Fury.” Next in line would be “Love’s Melody Lost.”

What is in the works next for you?

My work in progress is titled “To Believe In Magic.” Jack and Courtney from “Change of Heart” will be strong secondary characters in the work. If all goes well, it should release mid-summer.

Change of Heart book coverHere’s an excerpt from ‘Change of Heart’…

Jack opened the passenger door for Courtney and she climbed in. Then Jack walked around the vehicle to climb in the other side. She sighed as she looked over her shoulder to back out of the narrow driveway. “When are you gonna tell me, Courtie?” she asked.

Courtney began to cry.

“I can see it’s tearing you up inside,” Jack continued. “I think you’d feel better if you told me.” Courtney cried a little harder.

“Whatever it is,” Jack said softly, “it happened a longtime ago and we’ve moved on.” She shifted gears. “Why can’t you just tell me?”

Courtney hiccupped a sob.

“Okay, I’ll leave you be,” Jack said. “I guess you’ll tell me when you’re ready.”

Check out this link to my review:  ‘Change of Heart’.

Thank you all for joining us today.  Before you go, be sure to check out KA Moll’s links below:

Purchase ‘Change of Heart’



Twitter: @ka_moll


Lesbian Talk Show Interview on writing damaged characters:


Thank you for stopping by. All of KA’s books are available on Amazon. Stay tuned for my upcoming review for ‘Close Enough to Touch,’ the thriller by Cade Brogan. In the meanwhile stay safe and enjoy.

Stay tuned next week when I will be interviewing Artist/Photographer Laure Dherbécourt.

Until Next Time,


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Meet Author Darla Baker

Good morning everyone and a warm welcome to you all. First of all, I want to thank SW Andersen and all who read the review I posted for ‘Switchback’. Today I have a real treat for you. Author Darla Baker has stopped by to chat. You are going to love this woman and all that she’s done for the LGBTQ community. Feel free to ask her questions in the comments.

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Tell us about yourself. (Official Bio)

Darla Baker’s career encompasses a diverse list of roles including best-selling author, publisher, podcast host, and software engineer. As founder and president of the nonprofit publishing house, Stone Soup Community Press, Baker is an advocate and mentor for writers of lesbian fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Her book series, Thalia Chase: Sex Therapist, was an Amazon best-seller. Baker’s Thalia Chase and fellow author Annette Mori’s Juliet Lewis, host lesbian fiction authors in character and help them with dating and relationships in a monthly podcast, Therapy Café.  Baker attended Georgetown College and Wright State University, where she completed her B.S.B. in Finance.

Outside of the literary world, Baker has dedicated more than thirty years to serving government, nonprofit, corporate, and Fortune 100 firms as a management consultant and software engineer – both independently and with notable organizations like DataStax and Hobsons, Inc. Prior to her corporate career, she spent nearly a decade with the Montgomery County Courts completing her tenure there as the Chief Deputy Clerk. In her rich personal life, Baker splits her time between Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, and Dayton, Ohio with her wife of twenty years and their two well-behaved pit bulls.

What is your sequel to ‘Eagle Cove’, ‘Seventy Six Falls’ about?

Seventy Six Falls (no hyphen) picks up about five months after Eagle Cove ended. In Eagle Cove we were immersed into Thalia’s life where we too grew to love her chosen family and the community in which both her practice and her life thrives.

Thalia is settling into a new life which now includes Amara, her pregnant lover, and her large and accepting Greek family. Nothing can interfere with their newfound happiness.

Or can it? 

The Supreme Court’s recent decision has legalized marriage for same-sex couples nationwide and LGBT couples everywhere are beginning to discuss their future just as straight couples have done for years. 

The Supreme Court’s decision wasn’t happy news for everyone, particularly for radical fundamentalist Christians in the bible belt. One such person is Karen Dolt, County Clerk for Williams County, Kentucky. 

Her refusal to honor the oath of office and issue licenses to same-sex couples has resulted in a media frenzy and an annoyance for several couples in the county. 

But when one of Karen’s refusals results in a tragedy that shakes Thalia to the core, will she be permanently damaged or will the power of love heal her wounded soul?

Where can we find ‘Stone Soup Community Press’?

What is the cutest thing your pit bulls do?

That’s a tough one. It’d be easier to answer what they do that isn’t cute. But I’d have to say my favorite thing they do is what I call, “The changing of the guards.” My wife, Carol, and I usually chill for a bit in front of the tv after dinner. Raven and Delilah jockey for the shotgun position on the sofa next to Carol. Typically, Raven wins and Delilah gets stuck riding shotgun with me on the love seat.

 At some point Delilah decides Raven has had the sweet position long enough. She hops off the love seat and starts “mooing” at Raven. You have to hear it to believe it. I’ve posted videos on Facebook. Raven responds with a low growl. This continues for about a minute when Raven relinquishes the spot. Delilah climbs up and gets cozy. And then Raven jumps back up and they all snuggle together. It’s a nightly ritual they’ve been performing now for 10 years. It’s one of the things I miss most when I travel.

Tell us all about your podcast ‘The Therapy Café’. What do you tell couples about the key to a successful long-term relationship?

Fellow author, KA Moll and I were introduced to each other and the concept for a podcast by Sheena of We didn’t know each other at the time. But we decided to give it a shot. We knew we wanted to do the show in character. So we put our heads together and came up with the idea of meeting at a bar/coffee shop called the Therapy Café where we dole out relationship advice to our listeners. Thalia and Zane turned out to be a fantastic pairing. Unfortunately, KA and I both got busy and KA wanted to retire Zane as a character. So we decided to take a break from doing the show this past Spring.

Before you get too sad, Annette Mori as Juliet Lewis from Captivated, has decided to co-host with Thalia and we’re going to bring the show back again on a monthly basis with our wildly popular author guest episodes. We recorded our debut episode while at LCLC this past October with Renee MacKenzie as Jordy Chapman from Pausing.  Look for this episode to be released in December.

Me: You can see my reviews for KA Moll and Renee MacKenzie below:

KA Moll’s ‘Blue Ice Landing’ Review

Renee MacKenzie ‘Pausing’ Review

How did Ask Thalia come about?

When I was developing the character Thalia Chase, I thought it would be an interesting marketing concept to have Thalia step out of the pages of the book and come to life in an accessible way as a sex therapist columnist. Bringing the advice column to life in the series as well as real life just seemed like a genius idea. I’ve not been as faithful at writing the column. However, it is the Ask Thalia blog that gave rise to The Therapy Café podcast. So, it’s all good. 

What is the last lesfic book you read? Did you like it and why?

Olivia: A Novel by Dorothy Strachey.

Considered one of the most-subtle and beautifully written lesbian novels of the century, this 1949 classic returns to print in a Cleis Press edition.

        Dorothy Strachey’s classic Olivia captures the awakening passions of an English adolescent sent away for a year to a small finishing school outside Paris. The innocent but watchful Olivia develops an infatuation for her headmistress, Mlle. Julie, and through this screen of love observes the tense romance between Mlle. Julie and the other head of the school, Mlle. Cara, in its final months.

         Although not strictly autobiographical, Olivia draws on the author’s experiences at finishing schools run by the charismatic Mlle. Marie Souvestre, whose influence lived on through former students like Natalie Barney and Eleanor Roosevelt. Olivia was dedicated to the memory of Strachey’s friend Virginia Woolf and published to acclaim in 1949. Colette wrote the screenplay for the 1951 film adaptation of the novel. In 1999, Olivia was included on the Publishing Triangle’s widely publicized list of the 100 Best Gay and Lesbian Novels of the 20th Century.

I loved it! I love historical fiction. But Olivia is even better because it was contemporary to the time. The language is beautiful and challenged my ear. And the story is classic, timeless, and very well told. I can see why it’s in the top 100. Perhaps I should put it on my bucket list to read all 100. Hmm…

Tell us about your article in the Dayton Daily News. How did it feel to connect with your local readers? Congrats.

Thank you! I must say I’m a little bit of an attention whore. So, seeing my picture on the front page of arguably the most read section of the paper on the most popular day was very exciting. I get so much out of connecting with local readers and local authors. I cannot believe how much richer my life is now than it was before writing Eagle Cove.

Tell us about your participation in the 2017 Dayton Book Expo.

When I saw the event advertised I didn’t think twice about signing up. But when the day arrived, it was sandwiched between two work trips and I barely had time to prepare. Thankfully, my wife helped me get ready. She threw my table items, books, etc. into a suitcase and when I woke up the morning of the event, we loaded up the car, grabbed some breakfast and headed out.

In some ways Dayton is a pretty good city for LGBTQ acceptance. Even so, I had no idea what to expect. As we were setting up for the event I looked around at the other participants. Of course, I didn’t know anyone else. I went to a few panel discussions and discovered that the majority of participants were Evangelical Christians of color. The sign on my table clearly called out Stone Soup Community Press as an organization supporting the LGBTQ community. So I was a bit concerned that I would not be welcome in such an overtly evangelical environment. What I found was completely the opposite. The occupants of the table to my left and directly in front were absolutely amazing. We traded signed copies of our books and had some amazing discussions. As I walked around and talked to other participants, I was met with warmth and genuine support. Yes, there were a few attendees who snubbed me when they realized my book was lesbian genre fiction. But that was rare. I got the opportunity to meet new people, even a Bold Strokes Books author who lives locally. The panels I attended were more inspirational than typical writer/reader conference panels. I left each panel with at least one useful nugget.

I bravely took the microphone to pimp my book, holding nothing back as I proudly described Eagle Cove as a lesbian erotic romance series. I must confess, however, that I did try to get out of doing this. But, my wife wouldn’t let me. I love my wife! 🙂 I will definitely participate in the event again.

Who was the last live musical performance you saw?

I typically go to several concerts and musicals/plays throughout the year. But this past year, I’ve been traveling so much, I’ve not gotten much of an opportunity to indulge. I had tickets to see John Legend and had to give them away due to a last minute site visit with a customer. I had to think on this one and consult my social secretary (aka Carol).

I attended my first Lammys this past June as a new member on the Board. It was a marvelous experience. I got to meet so many incredible people and I was such a shameless fan girl. Justin Vivian Bond hosted the Lammys and also performed a few numbers. She is hilarious and talented and very entertaining. If you get a chance to see her perform, I highly recommend it.

Where is the most exotic place you’ve visited?

In 2007 I joined a higher education marketing company, Hobsons. I was one of handful of fortunate souls who received an all-expense-paid week at the Dromoland Castle in Ireland. The west coast of Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful and I would love to go back sometime. Perhaps another item for that bucket list?

If someone were to create a movie based on your life, who would you cast for yourself?

Winona Ryder (a la Girl, Interrupted) for the “straight” years. And Janeane Garofalo (a la The Truth About Cats And Dogs) for the “lesbian” years.

Bit of trivia, Garofalo, barely five feet tall, sometimes had to stand on a box just to be in the same frame with 6-foot co-star Uma Thurman in The Truth About Cats & Dogs (1996). Carol is 5’10”. So, I can relate. 

Have you ever wanted to write a biography for another author?

Hmm.  That’s a good question. I like to read biographies and autobiographies. I recall having a conversation on Facebook with fellow authors about writing a biography of a fictional character. I can see myself writing that type of biography. But I think the research required to write a good biography of a real person/author would deter me from pursuing the project. 

What other ways do you give back to the LGBTQ community?

I joined the board of the Lambda Literary Foundation a year ago as their Treasurer. I cannot begin to express how proud I am to be part of such a prestigious organization and support the work we do.

I also joined the board of the Golden Crown Literary Society this past Summer. Lambda Literary and Golden Crown are very different organizations with decidedly different missions. However, both organizations provide valuable service to our community.

This past January I founded the 501c3 corporation Stone Soup Community Press to provide direct support to emerging and existing lesbian authors through publishing, a writers in-residence program, and the Therapy Café podcast marketing program. Donations to Stone Soup Community Press provide access to professional publishing resources to authors who could not otherwise afford those resources. Proceeds from our programs are donated to the Lambda Literary Foundation, the Golden Crown Literary Society, the It Gets Better Project, and The Trevor Project. 

If you had one wish, what would it be?

I can’t help but think of Miss Congeniality and say, “I really do want world peace.” But I suppose I’d have to back that train up a bit and wish for something that would address a significant root cause to a lack of world peace—intolerance. I would love the opportunity to live in a world where intolerance for diversity doesn’t exist.

SELRES_4391ce83-69db-4a0e-8040-0ffa00c343a7SELRES_aa8cdc79-fcf8-443c-8f8a-81a23daaef38I want to thank Darla for stopping by today. It was a real pleasure having you. Darla’s work is remarkable so be sure to check out the links in this interview. She is one amazing woman. Be sure to check out her links below:SELRES_aa8cdc79-fcf8-443c-8f8a-81a23daaef38SELRES_4391ce83-69db-4a0e-8040-0ffa00c343a7

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Audio/Video Interviews

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll have a review by author KA Moll

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My Review for SW Andersen’s ‘Switchback’

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Today I’m presenting my review for S.W. Andersen’s ‘Switchback’. This story is interesting and by the time it was over, I was once again in love with the mountain bike culture. Last year I read another biking book and am excited that more people are writing about this sport.

Author Photo

‘Switchback’ tells the story of Sierra Cody, an ambitious mountain bike rider, striving for the pros. She loves living outside of her comfort zone.  Her strengths are determination and focus. She carries a confident aura with her and really knows herself. She has a positive outlook on life and is very protective of her career, which is why she prefers to promote herself. She doesn’t follow rules or like being kept waiting.  However, I was pleasantly pleased to see that she respects others even when going after her desires.

She’s a love bug whom you can’t help but love.

Sierra turned and high-tailed it out the door, anxious to put miles between her and the lecherous receptionist in a hurry. Maybe she would use that memory as motivation on her next race start. That would surely get her out the gate in a hurry.

There are two other main characters, Kara and Jaime as well as a few secondary characters, whom I will touch on.

Kara is a medic who works at bike race functions.  She is tense and afraid and is uncomfortable in social settings.  The vibe I picked up was one that had been badly hurt before and was avoiding any chance for a potential new relationship.  She carries a bit of passive aggressiveness. Her pained look on her face is a concern for others.

She is very smart and asks questions.  Her heart is genuine. However, she’s a stickler to plans and doesn’t like to deviate. This caused some friction with the other players, but nonetheless, added to the depth of her character.

Another woman enters the picture, creating some intense drama for both Kara and Sierra.  Jaime is Kara’s ex.  Scenes like this are priceless and got me wanting more.

Now enter two secondary characters who I felt really added to the story, Nicole and Ronni. Nicole is Kara’s best friend and business partner. She is loyal and bears high self-esteem. Her grounding energy was very comforting and she bears the badge of trust on her shoulder.

Ronni is Sierra’s trusted best friend who has a mouth as big as the planet.  Her energy is brash. She never shuts up and at times I felt she crossed some boundaries with Sierra. Their interactions are hilarious. Her sneaky energy will roll your emotions. The way she talks sometimes will crack you up.

One unforgettable character may turn you off. The writer had great character development with this one. You may not like her, but she adds to the richness of the story.

The interactions between the characters is very well put together and it flows perfectly. I love the mountain bike scenes. The author did an excellent job bringing me there. I could almost feel the wind hitting Cody’s face on the way down the hill in a race.

There are scenes that are tenderly put together and the author really did perfect them. You will see in the story.

The romance scenes are tender and full of caring love. What I liked was that it was not all rush-rush to the bedroom. The lovers took time to get to know each other and it’s this journey that you want to read.

The sun’s rays danced along auburn strands and illuminated her profile, making her radiant as an angel from heaven.

Switchback (p. 209). S.W. Andersen Books. Kindle Edition.

The story itself took me about six hours to read, partly because some of the scenes were so good that I read them twice. The descriptions were precise and I felt like I was in the scenes. The writing made me feel good. I am recommending this book for everyone who enjoys some adventure.

Here is an except to get you started on this exciting journey.

Switchback Cover

Kara hummed and smiled. Sierra had appeared in her doorway in her baggy shorts with an air of confidence, muscled legs, gorgeous, soulful eyes, and a smile that made Kara’s chest thump like a herd of running elephants. The feeling of being pursued so wholeheartedly had left her brimming with indescribable sensations, but now her chest grew heavy and her breath restricted to the point of dizziness. The thought of Sierra being angry with her was too much to bear.

Would she get the chance to explain?

No one had ever left her questioning so much about her life. Sierra brought her back to a time and place when she was unhindered by the rigid routine she had set for herself. She was free to do as she pleased. Free to live. Free to feel. And boy did she want to feel. She ached to feel every inch of Sierra Cody’s toned body against hers.

“Why does she have to be so damned hot?” Kara grumbled.

Five Stars.

Purchase ‘Switchback’



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2017 Fall Classic – The World Series

Good morning and welcome. First of all I want to thank author Blake Everstone for her amazing interview and for all of you who read it. Thank you so much. Today I’m talking about a big passion of mine. Read on.

I’m a huge Dodger fan and love baseball. I am really excited this year that my team went to the top of the National League and stayed there for almost the entire season. They then clinched the division title and won the NLDS (National League Division Series). Then they went for NLCS (National League Champion Series) and won their first pennant since 1988 when they had that awesome World Series win.


Over in the American League, the Houston Astros really stepped up the plate and dominated until close to the end of the season. They too went on to win the ALDS (American League Division Series) and the ALCS (American League Champion Series) pennant. It was refreshing having them be our rival since the franchise had never won a World Series. 

As much as I’m happy for the Astros win, I did feel a bit let down over the Dodger’s loss in game 7. A lot of this could have been avoided if different players had been in that game. I was disappointed that our skipper, Dave Roberts, didn’t put veteran Chase Utley in that last game. Utley was with the Phillies when they won in the World Series in ’08. And outfielder Andre Ethier didn’t get much time on the field either, although he did get the only Dodger RBI (Runs Batted In) that scored our only run. These two players are very grounded and sharp on the field.

I felt that even though the young Dodgers are great, they appeared to be a bit scared from the looks on their faces, especially in game 7. However, Cody Bellinger made an awesome catch as he fell over the railing and into the dugout in game 4.

AAul6ROMy vote for this postseason’s MVP is third baseman Justin Turner since he is a seasoned player and makes game winning plays, both on the field and in the batter’s box. We can’t exclude Kiké Hernandez, as he scored the series only grand slam in game 5. There are many more great plays that I could go on and on.

I would have to say that my favorite player for the series was Clayton Kershaw for the Dodgers and Justin Verlander for the Astros. I feel that our Ace did very well in the last game and kept the Astros from scoring more runs. I’m glad that Verlander finally got to pitch in a winning World Series this time. Well done! 

One thing that really touched me was the Dodgers organization taking out a big ad in Houston’s major newspaper congratulating the Astros on their magnificent win. Way to go! This is real team spirit and I applaud them for doing this. I would like to encourage all Dodger fans to do this. It was a challenging battle for both teams and we did succeed in forcing game 7.

No matter what, I’m a forever Dodger fan. Win or lose. This year, I got what I wanted, the best against the best. What a series! I am very grateful that my team made it this far. I couldn’t be happier about matchup. 

Astros LogoDodger's Logo

World Series – HOU wins best-of-7 series 4-3
Nov 01, 8:20 PM ET
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
HOU 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 5 0
LAD 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 6 1

Next year it is going to be Blue all the way! Go Dodgers 2018!

2017 NLCS Pennant

Next week I will be sharing my review for SW Andersen’s ‘Switchback’

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Meet Author Blake Everstone

Good afternoon everyone and a warm welcome to you all. Today author/activist Blake Everstone (Jane/John Doe)  is here to chat about her work. Her involvement in the LGBT community has been astronomical and because of her efforts, many people have benefited.  Jane/John Doe is now out and is doing very well.

Author Photo

Tell us about yourself and your writing style.
One day I woke up and decided I was going to start living my dreams. I was someone who did for everyone else and very little for myself. I had always aspired to be an author and had wrote poems and stories all my life. I took a leap of faith and pursued having my work published. I have many writing styles but my favorite is horror and suspense thrillers. I like to keep my readers captivated through each chapter and make sure they turn the page. They may even leave the lights on at night after reading one of my books.

Where can we find your poem ‘Serene Dream’?
I love this poem. I wrote it after I had an amazing dream. It was one of the most peaceful dreams I had ever had. I was swimming next to this majestic humpback whale. I will never forget the serenity I felt. It can be found on my Facebook page.

Can you elaborate more on your collection, ‘Ominous Tales’?
Ominous Tales is a collection of 5 stories and 5 poems. Very creepy! Serial Killers, magical beings and beasts, mental disorders, demons – you name it – are in this book. Several of the stories have surprise endings. It will make you leave this world and enter another where the unreal is reality. If you scare easily, then this is not the book for you. Most of the stories have LGBT characters. Being gay, it is a part of my life, so my books have many gay characters.

Me: Stay tuned for my review of this chilling collection, coming in Jan 2018.

Can you tell us more about Aaron Paul and his creative/artistic work?
Aaron Paul! One of my favorite people! I am so glad you asked me about him. Yes, his work is absolutely amazing however, it is his heart that I am so taken with. He cares deeply for others. I believe it to be a great part of his success. He also has a style about him that is unlike any other. He deserves all the attention and success in the world. Stardom has not gone to his head. He takes time out of his extremely busy schedule to help others. His beauty shows through his music! Very talented! I love Aaron Paul. I wrote him a poem “Thrift Shop” and you would have thought I gave him a million dollars.

Aaron Paul

Photo by Billy Hess Photography

Me:  Be sure to check out Aaron’s facebook page link above.

Where do you get your ideas for your interview questions on your blog? Where can we find the blog?

I started this blog to showcase these wonderful people within the LGBT community. The purpose of the blog was to encourage others. If they read about people within our community that aspired to live their dreams they could see that they could do the same thing. The questions were to help the reader to see them as people just like themselves with the same hopes and aspirations in life.

What made you decide to write professionally?
I grew up very poor and lived in government apartments as a child. I attended a Dallas, TX school and volunteered in a library. There was the sweetest librarian who took time to read my writings in Junior High and encouraged me. Her name was Marilyn. She was an amazing woman who had a heart for mentoring underprivileged children. She told me numerous times that I could be a writer when I grew up. I believe that is where it started. From that point on, I have had many women in my life; teachers, librarians, friends, etc.… encourage me to do the same. No matter what others say, you must find it within yourself and it took many years for me to pursue getting my work published. I am also a children’s book author. I have one published and many more on the way. My pen name for my children’s books is Nina LeAnne.

What factors do you consider when titling a book?
My favorite title is my book Jane/John Doe. I always have the title of the book or story chosen before I start writing it. I don’t know that I consider any factors when choosing a title. It just sticks out in my mind and I say to myself “That’s your next story!”

Book photo

Besides writing, how else do you support the LGBTQ community?
I believe that my blog helps others as well as the inspirational articles I have written that can be found on I also have a Facebook group called “LGBTQ Label Me Not”. Although others have started groups with the same name, which I think is awesome, the name came from a poem I wrote titled “Label Me Not”. Within the LGBTQ community we still tend to separate one another with labels. Ex… trans, stud, femme, butch, etc. Also suicide prevention is a huge issue with me. Too many young people within our community have committed suicide because of not being accepted within their families and society. It is important to help these young people to love themselves. I have attached several hotline numbers to this for anyone who may need to reach out for help.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?
I have 4 great kids. They are my world. Spending time with them is my favorite thing to do.

Where is a great place to go in Texas?
Oak Lawn is a great place in Texas. It is the heart of the LGBT community here. There are bars, shops and restaurants where you can go and just be yourself. My book “Jane/John Doe” is mostly set from this area.


What was the last live musical performance you saw?
I can’t remember the last but I can tell you the most memorable however, it will give away my age lol. I was on the stage of a ZZ Top concert. That was quite an experience. And the most fun I had was when I rode on the back of a motorcycle to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. Hmmm… that was over 25 years ago.

Would you have a biography written on your life?
I have been through many struggles in my life. If a biography was ever written I would want it to focus more on how I overcame and the achievements since then rather than the pain and suffering I endured.

If you were able to purchase a second home any in where in the world where would you choose and why?
I have been many places but never would I live anywhere than the great state of Texas. If I had a vacation home, I would choose somewhere along the Texas coast line. I love to fish.

Author Photo 2

What is next for you?
I will continue to disturb readers with my adult’s books, and inspire children with my children’s books. I am also looking into writing some inspirational books. A big step that I am taking right now is I am attending college to be a substance abuse counselor. There are not enough in-treatment rehabs available out there and those that are available, many cannot afford. The government funding in Texas that is in place right now for some of these facilities only allow funding for 2 weeks in most cases. That’s just not enough time. My desire is to help people with substance abuse problems. If anyone is reading this and feel that they need help, Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous is great place to go. There is no cost to attend and there are meetings everywhere. I am not ashamed to say that I am free today from the bonds which once imprisoned me. It has shaped me into the person I am today.

AA hotline 1-856-486-4444

Hotline info

What is your favorite poem that you have written?
The power of a woman’s curves,
The taste of her sweet soft lips,
The pleasure to lie between her cozy rounded hips.
Why must she strive for perfection,
when the gift is in her uniqueness,
but somehow she believes it to be her weakness?
It’s the glamorous images in the magazines,
It’s the photoshopping that deceives,
Stealing the true beauty like thieves.
Do you not realize that even a model has her insecurities?
She will stand in the mirror and may even cry,
at the distorted vision she sees through her eyes.
Did Cleopatra have a tummy tuck, nose job or botox?
Yet her sensuality was beyond compare,
Her painted images entangle my stare.
I see the beautiful artwork every woman displays.
The design of a woman with a scar on her face,
If only she could embrace,
The fact that she is the object of someone’s affection.
There is someone somewhere that would see her as,
The most beautiful creature,
Looking past the scar to find her most compelling feature.
Is it really beauty we see on the red carpet?
Or are we so indoctrinated that we let the elite,
Convince us all that beauty is small and petite?
Oh, her fragrance when she is lost in her passion.
That one special spot of ecstasy I seek,
her moan as she reaches her peak.
Don’t ever let a man determine how you feel about yourself.
If he has the nerve to tell you to lose weight,
It’s only because there is something about himself he hates.
The different shades of pink and design of a women’s flower,
The nectar of her shower,
Oh, wouldn’t it be a shame,
If they were all the same.
Don’t watch a pageant and wish to be her.
For nothing is as it appears.
She’s been shaped and formed for many years.
Kept awake at night with many fears.
Because she must compete against her peers.
Stand up to those who belittle you.
If they are a fault finder they will find fault no matter what.
You put your head up and work on your strut.
Oh, the aura of a confident woman makes my mouth water.
Her self-reliance on her inner being,
Is something that every woman is needing.
Oh, the shiver and goosebumps that I encounter
when she whispers in my ear her desire.
It burns through my soul and sets me on fire.
What ever happened to growing old gracefully?
Forever young we were not meant to be.
Some think it’s a secret that must be sought,
because this is the deception that we are taught.
Some women waste precious time trying different potions and creams,
Believing their beauty is in the past.
When in all actuality their beauty would last.
If they would instill in their female descendants the power,
And teach and inspire,
And change this deception and prove it a liar.
Maybe then in the next generation,
A woman will be comfortable and embrace,
The beautiful imperfections of her body and face.
Her size, her figure, her weight would not affect negatively,
But instead will be of,
What she uses to strengthen her self-love.
Our women of the future,
Instead of mocking and engaging in their demise,
May unite as one when they realize,
The power of a woman!

By Blake Everstone

Below are Blake’s links for you to learn more  about this amazing woman. Click on the Follow button to receive exciting news.

You can check out her articles on

SELRES_5df4f1a2-3d95-409c-b953-187d367a6fb1SELRES_78d29cfc-7a77-4695-9330-4230e6535a83SELRES_839e90d7-daf1-4c07-af43-be34cc600e3fPurchase ‘Jane/John Doe’SELRES_839e90d7-daf1-4c07-af43-be34cc600e3fSELRES_78d29cfc-7a77-4695-9330-4230e6535a83SELRES_5df4f1a2-3d95-409c-b953-187d367a6fb1

I want to thank Blake for stopping by today. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. I just loved her poem. Definitely check out ‘Ominous Tales’ where she has more poetry. I would like to have a discussion on it. Feel free to share in the comments. See you all next week.

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Happy Halloween

Hello everyone and welcome. We have now come to the last part of the year, the holidays. For me, the season begins on Halloween, a favorite of mine. I love pumpkins, both pie and jack-o-lantern. I love to make baked goodies with the pie ones and cut faces into the latter.


As a child, I would dress up and go trick-or-treating around my neighborhood. As I got older, my costumes became more elaborate. One year my folks helped me make this warrior helmet. I think my favorite year was when I was in high school and dressed up as the grim reaper, complete with a rubber mask.

More recently my wife and I decorate the front porch and pass out candy each year. Our neighborhood has been blessed with over 300 kids. It is fun answering the door and giving them their treats. Over the years, we’ve seen some really unique and beautiful costumes. We are looking forward to this upcoming Tuesday night.


In addition to the Halloween spirit, I love to create my vegan homemade pumpkin bread. I prefer to use pie pumpkins because they taste better than canned. This recipe is easy to prepare.

½ cup vegan butter
1 ½ cup sugar
1 pie pumpkin
2 Tbsp. apple sauce
2 cups flour
1 ½ tsp. baking powder
¾ tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove)

Cut up the pumpkin into quarters and scrape out the seeds. You can use these to make baked pumpkin seeds later. Put the pieces into a Dutch oven and bake at 350° for one hour.


Mix the flour, baking soda, and baking powder in a large bowl. Then blend in the butter and applesauce and set aside.

The pumpkin is done when you can easily poke a knife into it. Peel off the skin and put the insides into a food processor. Blend until smooth. Then add the sugar and pumpkin pie spices and mix evenly.

Add the pumpkin mixture into the mixing bowl and mix until smooth.

Grease a 9” x 5” baking pan with butter.

Put the batter into the pan and bake at 350° for one hour. I recommend checking it at 45 minutes depending on your oven. The bread will be done with you can poke a toothpick all the way through and have it come out clean.

Take it out of the pan and let cool. Enjoy.


Creating lanterns are fun because you get to cut up the pumpkin and put your own touch on it. However, it involves careful planning so that you don’t cut yourself by mistake. I would recommend buying the pumpkin carving kit that is available at most stores. I make happy faces to represent how the season makes me feel.



Halloween represents letting go of the old so that the new can come in. I like that it is at the beginning of the season because by the time Thanksgiving comes, I am already in a different space. I use this time to focus on gratitude and what I can do to make the season as best as it can be, whether it be donating items to our church or else let a busy mother go in front of me while we are waiting in the checkout lane at the store. I am grateful for a lot of things. Most important is my health and my wellbeing.

Halloween happens right in the middle of the fall harvest. This gives me an opportunity to give thanks to all of the summer produce that was grown this year.

What are your plans for Halloween this year? What are you grateful for?

Stay tuned for next week as I will be featuring author Blake Everstone (‘Ominous Tales’ and ‘Jane/John Doe’). You are going to want to stop by and meet her and see why her efforts have made a difference in the world. You can check out her facebook profile here.

Blake Everstone FB

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Meet Author Erin Wade

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Today I have Author Erin Wade with us to chat. Erin’s new book, Three Times as Deadly is now out and is doing exceptionally well. At the bottom, I have included a nice excerpt for you to read. I know you’re going to enjoy it. Erin is an imaginative story teller whose books lure in the reader. She is also an adventurer and isn’t afraid to take risks. Come meet this amazing woman whom you’re going to love.


“We all have our own realities.”

D.J. Jouett, Must be Murder

I want to thank Lynn Lawler for inviting me to be the interview today. It is an honor to be associated with Lynn and her blog.

Tell us about yourself.
I live with my wonderful wife Alex, my dog Tank and our cat Candy in Austin, Texas. I am thirty. Alex is a year older than I. We met while attending the University of Texas in Austin. November 5 will be our ninth anniversary.

Alex is an educator and I am a land developer. My day job didn’t require much time so I often found myself with time on my hands. Alex suggested that I try my hand at writing fiction. My first books were murder mysteries written for mainstream readers. Last year (2016) I was writing a book called The Destiny Factor. I intended it to be a mainstream murder mystery but somewhere along the way it assumed a life of its own and morphed into a lesbian romance/thriller. I had never thought about writing lesfic, but discovered that I enjoyed writing about what I knew and had experienced. So, a lesfic author was born. In January 25, 2017 I released my first “intentional” lesfic novel, Too Strong to Die. It shot to number ten the same day it was released and reached number one on Feb. 1.  I had the bug. On my birthday, May 9, I released Death Was Too Easy which went to #1 in Hot New Releases. Currently, all three of my 2017 books are on Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers List for Action/Adventure/Romance and The Destiny Factor has stayed on the Top 100 Best Sellers list for the past fourteen months.

What inspired you to write professionally?
My wife convinced me to write fiction.

What is your new book, ‘Three Times as Deadly’ about?
‘Three Times as Deadly’ is about Sloan Cartwright, who awakens from a coma, in an African hospital. She has no memory of her past or the three women who claim to be married to her. The book is funny, exciting and filled with action and romance. It also deals with the plight of rhinos and elephants who are being hunted into extinction.


What is your advice about staying in the positive?
I am a very positive person, so I don’t know much about negativity. I think that the most important think in any individual’s life is the person they select to spend their life with. A good partner can build one up or tear one down. I can honestly say that my wife makes me be the very best person I can be. Life with her is amazing. 

Do you go out into nature to meditate or quiet your mind? Where have you been and how was it for you?
We built a home in 2015 that Alex designed. It is a sanctuary for us both. I have an office that overlooks our pool and waterfall. Tank’s toy chest is built in and doubles as his window seat. It is right beside my desk so he is close to me. Our home is very peaceful and inspiring for me. Alex has decorated it beautifully. There is truly no other place in the world I’d rather be. 

Are you a dog whisperer? What was your dog, Tank like as a puppy?
I’m not a dog whisperer. I think Tank may be a human whisperer. Tank is a rescue dog and has always been precious. When he was tiny, he was just a little ball of fur. We used to call him our little dust bunny. I have had dogs all my life and I loved them, but Tank is truly the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever had the privilege to belong to. At first, I thought he might be blind because no matter where I went he was right behind me with his nose touching my ankle, but his eyesight is fine. Now he is tall enough that his nose touches the bottom of the calf of my leg. He always stays that close to me. I think I’m his security blanket.

Tank settled

Where is a good hang out place to kick back and socialize with friends?
We are homebodies. We have two other couples we share fun times with. We have been friends since college. We rotate to each other’s homes on Saturday nights where the hostesses serve dinner and we play high-stakes poker. The maximum bid is twenty-five cents with a two-bump maximum so the most one can lose on one hand is seventy-five cents. Pretty high stakes, huh?

We have two other couples who are very active in our lives. We rotate hosting dinner in our homes every Saturday night. They are professional women in completely different fields from us. One couple consists of a mergers & acquisitions attorney and a doctor. The other couple is a forensic scientist and a psychiatrist. Both couples are fascinating but I have to admit my favorite stories come from the forensic scientist. She owns her own facility and is hired by smaller law enforcement agencies who don’t maintain their own forensic facility. She will show up in one of my books one day. Her stories are sometimes hysterical, sometimes very sad, sometimes unbelievable, but always entertaining. These four people open a new world to us every week. We have been friends since college and they are still so interesting to me. I think my wife wins the prize for funniest stories. She is an educator and some of the things children and their parents come up with are just laughable. I have learned so much from these five people.

We have my family over once a month and on holidays. My wife is a terrific cook and enjoys trying out new recipes on them. They love it.

Alex’s family lives in Alabama, so we don’t see them as often as we see my folks.

Where is the next place you’re going to visit? Share all you want about it.
We are taking my brother’s twins to Branson, MO. It is a fun city with a lot of live theater and entertainment. The best thing is the Duck Boats. Everyone should ride the Duck Boats at least once in their life.

Would you want to write a non-fiction book? If so, what would it be about?
No, I don’t think I would be a good non-fiction writer.

What is the most daring theme you’ve written about?
I am an action/adventure/romance writer. Lesbian romance is probably as daring as I get.  I don’t delve into things I know nothing about. I would never write a 50 Shades of Gray type book. I did notice that one reviewer gave me four stars because I don’t go into details in my sex scenes, but I figure we all know where those end up and I like to let my readers us their imaginations. Also, sometimes my mother reads my books.

Erin’s Amazon Author Central page

What types of live music do you like to listen to. Who was the last performance you saw?
We love musicals, reviews, plays, etc. The last live musical we attended was last month in Fort Worth at Bass Hall to see The Carol King Musical, Beautiful. We do fly to New York several times a year to see musicals there.

Have you won any awards for your writing?

Not yet! 

What is a fun attraction to visit in Austin, TX? What would be a good restaurant you would recommend?
We love taking the twins to The Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels. It is about an hour from Austin. Great fun for the entire family.

The best restaurant in Austin is Truluck’s Seafood, Steaks and Crab House.   There are two of them, but we always go to the one downtown on Colorado St. They have live music with a female singer and a band. She is dynamite.

heading for the ship

Do you have any advice for new writers?


If you read my reviews, you will find that I was lambasted by a few reviewers about grammatical errors In Too Strong to Die. I started searching for an editor. Even with an editor, I still critical comments about errors in Death Was Too Easy.

I became a woman on a mission. I asked questions. I inquired about who was the best editor I could hire. When I read a very clean book, I checked to see who edited it. After two months of intense searching, I narrowed my search down to Susan Hughes. As busy as she is, I was able to get Susan to accept me as a client.

Susan is—I can’t say enough nice things about Susan—awesome. We worked through Hurricane Harvey to release my latest book Three Times as Deadly on Sept. 17. It jumped to number one on the first day of release and has continued to hold that position. Three Times as Deadly has received several positive reviews and no one has been critical of the writing.

If I could give a single piece of advice to new writers it would be, Get a good editor. If you think you can’t afford one, you’re wrong. You can’t afford to be without one. As authors, we pour our heart and soul into our “masterpieces”. Believe me they become so much more with a great editor.

I know the burning question in the mind of any new author reading this is, “How much will a good editor cost me?”

A good editor will cost between $1,500 to $2,000, but you will make it up in sales. They will pay for themselves.

The other thing I would suggest to new writers is get a seasoned Beta Reader. They are worth their weight in gold. I am pleased that Julie Richards has agreed to be my beta reader on future novels.

If you are lucky, an experienced writer will take an interest in you and become your mentor. I am fortunate that Kathy Brodland took an interest in my books and has given me guidance. Kathy is the one who told me to hire the best editor I could find.

I feel that I am fortunate to have assembled a small but exceptional team. With Susan, Julie and Kathy, I think 2018 will be the year of Erin Wade. 

Me: I agree with Erin. You put so much effort into your work that it deserves the very best. I can also lead you in the direction of some good beta readers too if you are interested.

What is next for you?
I am currently working on a book titled Living Two Lives. It is about a fan, Jules Devine, who has a tremendous crush on a lesfic writer named Darcy Lake, even though the writer is happily married. Jules attends a national convention so she can have Lake autograph books for her. Secretly, she hopes to spend time with the author. A weekend with Darcy Lake is so much more than Jules dreamed and it changes her life forever. Jules is pulled into a world she never knew existed. A world of passion, deception, and death. It is a nail biter.

With all this said, Erin, you’re going to definitely keep us all posted about your new upcoming thriller. As promised, here is a nice excerpt from, ‘Three Times as Deadly’ for everyone. Enjoy!

Book Cover


“Hello, Sleeping Beauty.” A tall, stout nurse smiled at me. I squinted to shut out the bright light she was trying to shine into my eyes.

I slowly realized I was in a hospital bed, hooked up to all types of machines, and my head was killing me.

“What happened?” I asked

“We have no idea.” The nurse smiled as she wrapped the blood pressure cuff around my upper arm and pumped it tight enough to cut off all circulation to my hand. “Someone dumped you at the emergency entrance of the hospital. You’ve been in a coma for about ten days.

“You looked like a pride of lions played keep-away with you.” She grinned at her own humor. “You have a concussion, couple of broken ribs, and various and sundry other cuts and bruises, but you’ll live.

“I am glad to see you awake.” She ripped the cuff from my bicep. My hand tingled as the feeling returned to my numb fingers. She ran a temperature wand across my forehead. “I need to get some information from you.”

I nodded, and my head kicked me hard. The pain was unbearable. I closed my eyes and opened them to find a name tag with Sadie engraved on it blocking my view. “Can you give me something for my headache?”

“I will as soon as I complete my paperwork.” Sadie wrinkled her nose and logged into the computer on the stand beside my bed.

“Date of birth?” Her attitude was efficient and direct.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“We’ll just skip the hard stuff and start with the easy questions,” she said with a smirk. “What is your name? I need the middle initial too.”

I stared at her in disbelief. This is a joke, right?

“Your name, sweetie,” she insisted.

“I . . . I don’t know,” I whispered.

Loud arguing in the hallway outside my room sent Sadie charging toward the door. Before she could reach it, two different, but equally stunning women burst into my room.

Sadie took a stance between the women and me. I raised my head and tried to look around my nurse.

“You two do realize you are in a hospital, don’t you?” Sadie scolded the women. “Keep your voices low, or I’ll have you escorted from the premises.”

The women looked contrite and edged around Sadie, but my protector wasn’t letting them get close to me.

“Who are you?” Sadie glared at them.

They answered in unison. “I’m Sloan Cartwright’s wife.”

“Well, I’ll be damn.” Sadie laughed as she turned to me. “Is that what happened to you? You got caught between these two.”

“No!” I blurted out. “I mean, I don’t know them.”

Both women glared at me as if I had defamed God.”

“Honey, I’m glad I’m not in your shoes right now,” Sadie said, chuckling. “Sloan Cartwright, is that your name?”

I struggled to sit up so I could get a better look at the two visitors. Obviously, I had good taste in women.

“Why don’t you introduce yourselves.” Sadie grinned, enjoying my predicament too much.

The beautiful blonde stepped forward. She was tall and slender, like a runner. She wore black slacks that hugged her perfect hips. A short-sleeved lavender blouse was tucked into her waistband. Toned arms and a flat stomach testified to her workout regimen. She wore a gold watch and pendant. Her green eyes seemed to change color as the light reflected from them.

“Sloan, honey, it’s me. Leigh.” Distress filled her eyes as she moved toward me. “Leigh Redding-Cartwright, your wife. We make our home in the United States. I’m here to take you home.” She blushed and added, “You call me LeeRee.”

“No! No!” Sadie intercepted her. “We still need to hear from this black beauty.”

Book Cover

She was a beauty indeed. Her features were fine and chiseled. Her ebony hair was stylishly cut. She reminded me of the actress Halle Berry. When she spoke, her French accent mingled with a touch of high English. I loved her accent. How do I know who Halle Berry is?

I looked from one woman to the other. Apparently I am an equal opportunity lover.

The black beauty smiled. “I am Amarosia Cartwright.” She bowed her head slightly. “You call me Amy. We live together here in Africa.”

Both women were earthshaking beauties.

As I gazed at them, mouth agape, the door to my room flew open, banging against the wall a couple of times as if doing a drum roll to announce the arrival of the gorgeous brunette who burst into my room. “Where is Sloan?” If the woman was also my wife, my taste in women had just shot off the Richter scale.

I realized I was holding my breath when the cardiac monitor attached to me went crazy. I didn’t know if the brunette or my predicament caused the increase in my heart rate.

“Tachycardia,” I muttered, one hand to my chest. I didn’t want the other two women to know how the brunette was affecting me. If one of them was my wife, I didn’t want to hurt her.

“Bullshit.” Sadie laughed gleefully. “You have your butt in a crack and can’t get it out. No wonder you have amnesia.”

“What is going on here?” The brunette demanded, glaring at the other women. “Sloan, what have they done to you, baby? I begged you not to come to this heathen hellhole.”

“Who are you?” Sadie demanded.

If looks could kill, Sadie would be pushing up daisies any minute. The brunette narrowed her icy blue eyes and moved to stand toe to toe with the nurse.

“I am Alexander Roland Cartwright.” She tilted her head, tossed back her long, dark hair, and stared down Sadie who stepped back to allow her access to me.

My heart jumped to triple time as Alexander Roland Cartwright moved closer to me. “What do I call you?” I gulped.

“The love of my life,” she said with a mischievous smile. “When you aren’t acting grandiose, you call me Alex.”

“What’s going on, Sloan?” She lightly stroked my cheek. “Ross managed to sneak a call to me before he disappeared. He said you’re in trouble and to trust no one.”

“I . . . I honestly don’t know,” I whimpered. Something about Alex’s soft touch brought out the baby in me.

“I flew all the way from New York to take Sloan home with me,” Leigh declared.

“Our home is here,” Amy said. “We have always lived here. Sloan is going home with me.”

Alex possessively pulled my hand into hers. “I am not letting Sloan out of my sight.”

I leaned forward to stare at the three women, and my front opening hospital gown took the opportunity to expose my ample breasts. I must admit, I am nicely endowed. Determined to resolve the uncomfortable situation, I pointed out the obvious. “You all seem to be missing something, ladies. I am a woman. I doubt that I am married to any of you.”

I didn’t miss the way each of them licked their lips as they ogled me. I pulled the treasonous gown tight around my chest. I felt like the most succulent lobster at the lobster fest.

I tried to bring some sanity to my situation. “Look, I’ve been in an accident and had a loss of memory. I don’t even know my name, much less to whom I’m married.”

The women looked at each other and then began talking all at once,

“You can take turns sitting with her,” Sadie instructed, but all of you can’t stay here all the time. You can sit in eight-hour shifts. You work it out among yourselves.”

Sadie pushed the women out the door and shoved it closed behind them. I was glad I wasn’t involved in the arguing taking place in the hallway outside my door.


I want to thank Erin for stopping by to talk. It was a pleasure having you. I want to encourage all of you to check out Erin’s links so that you can see all of her work. I’m going to be starting in on one of her books so maybe we could all have a future discussion.

Erin’s Website:

Erin’s Blog:


Amazon Author’s Page:

Purchase ‘Three Times as Deadly’

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My Review for Cade Brogan’s ‘Close Enough to Touch’

Good afternoon readers and welcome. Today as I promised I am sharing my review for Cade Brogan’s thriller, ‘Close Enough to Touch.’ This is her first book with this genre and one that you’re going to love!  

Book Cover

This story is one of a kind and has a daring theme. I haven’t read anything like this in a long time so it was exciting to read this one. The first character, Joanna, grabbed my attention from the beginning. There are three other players Rylee, Kenzie, and Chastity. Each woman is very different and glues together the story perfectly. 

Joanna and Rylee know each other through work. Joanna is a strange girl and has a distorted view of life. The fascinating thing is no one knows her secrets except herself. She uses people like one uses a tool and right under their noses! She’s slick and smooth and neatly lures others into her web. Her bizarre actions added to her madness. It was amazing how she did all this with her low-tech methods.

Although, I found her very conceited, her courageousness and confidence were very appealing. She is very organized and pays attention to details, from all angles. She’s a woman, if one didn’t know better, they would look up to since she is brilliant and personable when needed. She would do wonders if she could just switch her mind set. 

Rylee, for the most part was a likable character, but has a dangerous profession. She is a tough and solid woman who focuses on the miracles when taking risks. Even in life, she’s not one to sit on the pity-pot wishing her life were different. She handles challenges very professionally and in a calm matter. I really like this woman. 

>Kenzie is Rylee’s old college girlfriend. Today, Kenzie walks around with a heavy heart and hides behind a façade and her church. Inside of her is pent up sexual energy that she desperately needs to release. I really felt for this woman because she is a good person. However, you’ll have to decide for yourself if at one time she had an ulterior mode with Rylee.

Author Photo

The love of Kenzie’s life is her daughter, Abby. It is obvious that Kenzie loves motherhood. She is strict and sticks to her guns, which I felt strengthened the bond. I loved the mother-daughter relationship and how Abby shows her independence. This was a great touch to the story. 

During their time of separation, Rylee meets up with Chastity. Chastity has a one-track mind, very determined and clever. She chooses to wallow in the past, while attempting to recreate it in the present. She doesn’t let things go and I found this to be disturbing. Needless to say, I don’t care for her because I don’t feel she respected Rylee at all. The only thing going for this character is that she created some really intense drama.

In the present, Kenzie and Rylee meet up for the first time since college and it was fun watching the sparks ignite. The circumstances for their reunion couldn’t have been any worse, which I feel showed the strong woman in both of them. They are very believable and had real feelings. 

I loved the flirting that went on between our two love birds. These parts were really well thought out and the flow kept me wanting more. The romance scenes were very hot and tender, but a bit graphic, just to let you know. If you love steam, you’ve come to the right place.

The story is fast paced and will keep you hooked the entire ride. The suspense is addicting. It took me about five and a half hours to read and I found it hard to put down. There were a few disturbing scenes that shocked me and were hard to read. I had to remind myself that this is just fiction. 

You may be alarmed while reading this, but keep with it. This story will keep you wondering afterwards. I am recommending this book for all who love intense thrill-seeking drama paired with a flare of romance.

Book Cover

Here is an excerpt to get you started:

“Come here,” Kenzie invited, setting her glass on the coffee table. “Sit right here,” she added, nodding downward, “and I’ll rub your shoulders.” It’s what she used to do every night during finals.

Rylee settled between her legs, leaning back against the couch. “Mmm, I could get used to this,” she moaned as Kenzie rubbed one, the other, and both. She tipped her head back, caught her eye, and added, “You haven’t lost your touch.”

“I should hope not,” Kenzie responded, smiling as she moved to rub her neck, and stroke her temples.

“Oh, yeah,” Rylee moaned, turning her head, her cheek resting on Kenzie’s thigh. She planted one kiss, and then another, turned a little more, and inched her fingers up her gown.

“Mmm, now you’re talking,” Kenzie responded, nibbling her lower lip, and scooting down.

“Are you sure about this?” Rylee asked, peering into her eyes. It was too soon, but if Kenzie wanted her to, she’d move forward. It wasn’t like they hadn’t been there before.

“Are you kidding?” Kenzie responded, her breath quickening. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” She nodded toward Rylee’s glass, saying, “Finish your wine.”

Five Stars.

Until Next Time,


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My Review for Annette Mori’s ‘The Termination’

Good afternoon everyone and welcome. Today I have a special treat for you that I know you’re going to like. I am presenting my review for Annette Mori’s ‘The Termination.’ This is a thriller romance that takes place in today’s world. The two main characters, Codee and Sawyer, take part in this adventurous story.

Codee, a hospital HR executive, initially shows a side to her which stems from a shocking upbringing. To cover it up, she lives for her job. She is smart and adaptable to even the most bizarre settings. She is professional in all matters and never creates drama out of stress. She handled a totally unknown situation beautifully.

Author Photo

Sawyer is an admitting clerk at Codee’s hospital. She is loyal and will stick to you like glue. She is easy going, making her very desirable and fun to be around. She is empathic and knows how to soothe another. However, her lifestyle is too fast which causes her to make the same mistake over and over again when entering a romantic relationship.

You can decide for yourself whether you feel that she oversteps people’s boundaries. I did not. She is overly caring with her patients, though. She is very cleaver, which grabs everyone’s attention.

The secondary characters really add to the story. One, in particular, gave me a grandmother feel.  The way the author describes her made me feel I could trust her.  She is feisty and is in tune with everyone’s current affairs. She was like the mother hen to them and I feel the author did an excellent job creating her character. Some of the things she said made me crack up.  Her contributions to the plot are priceless and the story would not have been the same without her.

An intriguing character, Chynna, is introduced later on that changes the direction of the story. She is smart, courageous, and physically strong. Her participation deepens the plot and sucked me in even further.  On the inside is her tender heart, fighting for what is right. She made me cry as she was sharing her truth. She is an important character who is going to melt your heart.

During the story, there is a plotline that will give you the creeps and may upset some.

The suspense is so thick that I felt like I was on a thrill ride. This is not a simple story and you will need to pay attention. The author provides excellent descriptions and the dynamic scenes are written very clearly.

The sex is hot, a bit graphic, but tasteful.  These scenes will excite the red-hot lover inside the reader. They are full of tenderness and will leave a sweet aftertaste.

You are going to want to carve out about five and a half hours to really enjoy this amazing chronicle. It will blow your mind. It is written very realistically and believable. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. You can determine for yourself if one small infraction can change one’s perspective.

The Termination book cover

Here is an excerpt to get you started on this chilling page-turner.

Codee remembered when she’d met the enchanting woman in new-employee orientation. Sawyer had pulled her long, chestnut hair back into a neat ponytail, and the gentle waves cascaded down her back. Although Sawyer had just finished a twelve-hour night shift, those soothing, green eyes never wavered in their intensity as she appeared to hang on every word. Her thoughtful answers to the questions she tossed out to new employees, accompanied by a hint of mischief in her smile, had Codee continuously seeking her reaction while she did her dog and pony show during orientation.

Codee knew she created a compelling and entertaining first impression, but she’d often felt like a phony when some of the stories she told were embellishments of the truth. Yet, the only way to truly illustrate a point was to create that connection to her audience with an intimate anecdote. She should have been an actress because the whoppers she told at these orientations were compelling. Not everything was untrue, but even the genuine experiences were enhanced for effect.

Codee wasn’t great with names, but Sawyer’s stood out as unusual, particularly for a woman, and whenever she passed the young admitting clerk in the hall, she made a point of saying hello and having a brief, albeit superficial conversation with her. She wished she had the ability to get to know her on a personal level, but that was out of the question. As the HR executive, she needed to maintain a strictly professional relationship with all the hospital employees—without exception.

Thank you for stopping by to read about this incredible life-like story. If you like this story, be sure to check out Annette’s other books. I have reviewed ‘Locked Inside’, which I know you’re going to enjoy. Feel free to talk about your feelings on ‘The Termination’ in the comments section. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Purchase ‘The Termination’


Until Next Time,


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