#FF Flashback Friday – Meet author Missouri Vaun

Hello friends, today is #FF Flashback Friday and I am featuring an interview from Missouri Vaun, originally posted on Feb-27-15. With the arrival of her new book, ‘Crossing the Wide Forever’ (debuting Jun-01-17), here you can get to know her. Come stop by and meet this magnificent multi creative woman. Enjoy.

‘Crossing the Wide Forever’ excerpt


Crossing the Wide Forever Cover

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Good afternoon and welcome my friends.  I have had a very busy two weeks.  During this time, I got to chat with author Missouri Vaun.  Her most recent work is her upcoming novel, ‘All Things Rise,’ from Bold Stroke Books, which she will be discussing today.  It is a f/f romance and is planned to be released this May.

All Things Rise 150 DPI

“Feeling unable to let Audrey go, Cole pulled her close and kissed her. It was as if the two of them together were able to create a space that only they inhabited, from which the world fell away, the sea of pedestrians separating to move around their embrace as if they were a craft upon the open sea.”

Missouri Vaun grew up in rural southern Mississippi, where she spent lazy summers conjuring characters and imagining the worlds they might inhabit. It might be a little-known fact that Mississippi breeds eccentrics, and eccentrics make for good storytelling. Missouri spent twelve years finding her voice as a working journalist in places as disparate as Chicago and Jackson, Mississippi, all along filing away characters and concepts until they seemed to rise up, fully formed. Her stories are heartfelt, earthy, and speak of loyalty and our responsibility to others. She and her wife will celebrate their sixth anniversary this summer.


What is ‘All Things Rise’ about?

Cole rescues Ava, a pilot from the Cloud City of Easton who crash-lands near her farm, setting in motion events that will alter the course of her life. It’s a hundred years after peak oil and the rich have risen above the Earth, inhabiting great Cloud Cities, while those left behind live a rural existence, off the grid. After suffering a vicious attack, Cole is transported to the Cloud City of Easton for emergency surgery. While recuperating and adrift in the unfamiliar social landscape of Easton, Cole begins a journey of discovery. When she meets Audrey, a beautiful doctor, the attraction they share is penetrating and possibly life altering. Explosions, staged by a ruthless underground movement, nearly bring Easton to the brink of collapse. The crisis that rocks the city forces Cole and Audrey to weigh what truly holds meaning and what each is willing to sacrifice for love.

Because of an injury, the main character, Cole (featured on the cover), who is from a rural area is transported to a city for medical care. She finds herself in a world that she’s never experienced. But she’s not the only one changed by the encounters she has there. Those she comes in contact with are changed as well because, by just being who she is, Cole challenges long held stereotypes.

What or who inspired you to write ‘All Things Rise?’

Initially I think it was coming to the realization that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We are living in a time of increasing disparity. And I thought, what if this keeps moving in the same direction until the rich leave all of us behind altogether? In my future world, the super rich have completely separated from everyone else. So the elite live separated from the ground in these big urban centers. The middle class and lower classes have been left on the ground for a hundred years basically living a 19th century existence because oil has peaked and the power grid no longer exists. (And I had this idea on paper two years before that lame movie, “Elysium” came out.)

After I submitted my manuscript there was actually an article in Vanity Fair about these new super high, very narrow skyscrapers for the extremely rich in NYC. In the article they said something about the rich separating from the earth and living in the clouds and I thought, wow… that’s basically what happens in my book.

I don’t want the future setting to make this book seem like it’s pure science fiction. It’s really not. In fact, a lot of the book takes place where Cole lives so those parts are almost like reading a story set at the turn of the 20th century. The “science” in this book is a minor character. The book is really about the relationships that develop between the three main characters.

What was the deciding factor for you book title?  Did it just come to you or did you try different ones?

The title is a tribute to a book by Flannery O’Connor, “Everything That Rises Must Converge.” It was really my first idea and it just sort of stuck.

What traits were you looking for when you were creating the main character for this story?

I tried to create a trio of very different characters. In the beginning they had more of a love triangle but as the story evolved that thread dropped away and while all three characters have very strong feelings for each other the primary romance ended up developing between Cole and Audrey, even though Ava is the person who brought them together.

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  If so did you receive any awards or recognition for your work?

I didn’t do much writing in school. I was a fine art major. I actually did the illustration of Cole that Bold Strokes Books ended up using on the cover. After graduation I worked for a string of newspapers for about 12 years, both as an illustrator and as a staff writer. But if anyone does a search for Missouri Vaun they won’t find the name listed on these projects because that is a pen name. Missiouri Vaun was my great-grandmother’s name. All my other writing has been published under Paige Braddock.

Was there anyone, in your life who was an inspiration for you to write?  If so what did they do?

I think great writers inspire me, although, my own work doesn’t come anywhere close to theirs. In my favorites list I would put: Eudora Welty, James Agee, Cormac McCarthy

I think of myself as more of a storyteller than a writer.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?  Can you elaborate on what has worked for you?

My goal would be for readers to emotionally connect with the characters I’ve created. That would be my wish. That these characters seem real to the readers in such a way that readers become invested in what happens to Cole and Audrey and Ava.

Do you have a favorite quote from a favorite author?  What does it mean to you?

I have a few… from Cormac McCarthy: “Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting.” This quote actually inspired the second book in this series, which will be released later this year.

What hobbies do you have?

My biggest hobby is drawing. I probably spend every spare minute either writing or drawing.

What has been your favorite part of being an author?  The least fave?

I think my favourite part of being a writer is the freedom it gives you to create characters and worlds. There’s nothing more fun that starting with a blank slate and building a world. In terms of least favourite, I don’t think I have anything yet… ask me again next year.

What was the last movie (theatre or dvd) you saw?  Would you recommend it?

‘I Origins’ was the last movie I watched. And I would recommend it.

Where would you go for your dream vacation?  Would you ever use that location as the main location in a future story?

I love the desert of southern California. Joshua Tree is one of my favorite places as is Death Valley. I would definitely set a story there at some point. I actually have a western on the back burner at the moment, some of which would take place in the arid places in northern New Mexico. Cormac McCarthy wrote “Blood Meridian” and set it in the same borderlands area. That’s a great book if you’re into that genre.

What is in the works next for you?  If you can’t share, I totally understand and respect this.

My second book is titled “The Ground Beneath.” It’s a novella that focuses on one of the secondary characters that I really liked from the first book. I wanted to give her a happy ending. This novella will be a digital release in August.

The third novel, “The Time Before Now,” will be out in October. It’s a prequel of the first book. After one of my beta readers finished the first manuscript, she said she’d love to know more about two of the older characters in the story, so book two is their story. It takes place twenty years prior to the first book and focuses on the story of how they met and fell in love.

Missouri’s hard work and dedication is really evident.  In addition to working on her next book, she has done some really incredible interviews. This one is a live chat with Liz McMullen and if you haven’t checked her out, you are in for a real treat.  Liz is the creator of The Liz McMullen Show and Lizzy’s Bedtime Stories.

Live Chat With Liz McMullen

Also, take some time to check out Missouri’s blog.  Here she writes about fun things, including her story, “Jane’s World” and other news in her life.  While there, feel free to add comments and join in her conversations.  Also don’t forget to like the blog.  If you want to connect with Missouri, sign up to receive blog updates.

Missouri’s Blog

Missouri has been kind enough to provide an exciting excerpt from “All Things Rise.”

Cole placed the basket and fishing rod on the ground and walked slowly toward the ridge where she’d noticed the glowing object. Dry twigs snapped underfoot despite her best efforts. She didn’t want to make too much noise, not knowing what to expect. And then Cole saw it clearly. It was a shiny capsule of some sort. The glow was coming from a glass window in the center of what looked like an oval door. For what seemed like longer than a minute, Cole stared at the gleaming object. It was all slick metal and glass, the only modern thing for miles in any direction, and here it was, less than half a mile from her family’s cabin. 

Cole took a few steps closer and saw the dark shape of someone inside. The cruiser must have crashed, but it looked none the worse for wear. There was a pile of upturned dirt at the front of the vehicle. The crash landing had cut a ditch of sorts through the brush before it abruptly stopped right next to a giant oak. There were scratches all along its sides, probably from tree limbs, but no punctures were easily visible. Cole had never been this close to an aircraft, but had seen photos of various kinds in old books. She’d always wondered what it would be like to fly one, to get a bird’s eye view from something higher than the old fire tower on Black Mountain.

There was a handle on the exterior of the vehicle that seemed like it would open the door. It was colored red as if to say, “Open here.” Cole reached for it and then stopped her hand midair. She had a momentary thought that this felt like one of those times when you knew you were doing something that you couldn’t take back. When you knew you were doing something that would change everything that came after this one action. Ignoring her fears, she pulled the release.

Here are Missouri’s links where you can follow her.

Missouri’s Facebook Page (Don’t forget to like the page)

Missouri’s Twitter Page

I want to thank Missouri for stopping by today.  It was a pleasure speaking with you and we are looking forward to the release of ‘All Things Rise.’  I can’t wait to read this incredible story!



Thank you for joining us today. Like I mentioned above, Missouri’s new book, ‘Crossing the Wide’ is now available for purchase. Feel free to use the comments to talk about both of these books, as I am looking for discussion. In the meanwhile, check out her website under Paige Braddock displaying her artwork. It is very amazing as you can see from the above pictures.

Paige Braddock Art

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Meet Author Renee MacKenzie

Good Afternoon friends and welcome. Today author Renee MacKenzie has stopped by to chat. Her book, Pausing, is out and has people talking. I am currently reading the book, so you have to wait for my review. Come on in and meet this amazing woman.

Author picture

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


What is “Pausing” about?

Pausing is a love story. Pausing is about letting love happen, even if that love falls outside the boundaries you once thought mattered. Jordy Chapman, Emergency Service Coordinator at a mental health facility, is falling fast for the owner of Yeager’s Furniture, Keira Yeager. Jordy has a new zero-tolerance policy in her personal life for any kind of mental instability which is just fine, until she meets Keira.

What was your inspiration behind the book cover for “Pausing”?

Running and sushi were a big part of my life while writing Pausing and I let it spill over into the book itself. The silhouette of a runner just made sense for the cover. I’d like to give a big shout out to Nancy with Irish Dragon Designs for the wonderful cover. The colors are amazing, provocative.

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  If so, did you receive any awards or recognition for your work?

I played with sappy love poems when I was in high school. Then while studying business administration at the community college in VA I took a creative writing class as an elective and was immediately hooked on short story writing. I had a few short stories published in the college literary magazine while I was there. I left college for many years and returned when I was in my 30s. This time I majored in Creative Writing at Augusta State University. I’d submitted to a small scholarship fund for that school and won it. I also had a few short stories and poems published in that university’s literary magazine.

Is there anyone or anything in your life who encourages you to write?  If so, tell us about it?

I am encouraged every day by so many people. My coworkers at Big Cypress National Preserve have been amazingly supportive, as have my friends and neighbors. One of the first people who encouraged me was my friend Pauline Rushton when I lived in Augusta, GA. She’s the one who encouraged me to submit to the writing scholarship, and was the first person to ever call me a ‘writer.’ She passed away in 2009, years before I’d published my first novel, and I often think about her and how much she encouraged me.

Book Cover

Are you a traveler?  Where is your favorite vacation spot of all time?

Most of the traveling I do these days revolves around writing conferences or author reading events. So far, I’ve really loved Austin and Palm Springs. I don’t believe I’ve been to my all-time favorite spot yet. Maybe northern California after I go there in October? I’m dying to go to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Above all – Thank You. At the end of the day, it is all about the readers. Readers, both in the Lesfic community and my personal circle of friends, family, and neighbors, have been simply amazing.

Can you elaborate on what has worked for you that gets you into a creative zone?

Sometimes all it takes is a long walk with my dog, Sabrina, or a leisurely shower. Other times it comes down to staring at a blank wall (sometimes for hours) and letting my mind wander. If I am having trouble really getting into a character’s head, I put them in bed with their love interest. Nothing jump starts a story for me quite like a sex scene.


Let’s give a shout out to Affinity Press books.  What would you like to say to them?

Thank you, Affinity, for taking a chance on me. Thanks for letting me tell my stories, my way. We always have a good time when we are together, but never lose sight of the fact that in the end, it’s all about telling our stories. We might be spread all over the globe, but when we get together it feels quite fluid and natural.

What has been your favorite part of being an author?  The least favorite?

My favorite part of being a writer is making shit up and not getting in trouble for doing so. I also really enjoy research, and get quite hands-on when doing so. While writing Anywhere, Everywhere, I took python handling training multiple times so I would know exactly what Gwen felt when she held a python. When I was writing Pausing, I interviewed a friend’s husband, who held the job Jordy holds at a similar mental health facility. Even though I’d driven the Colonial Parkway in Virginia hundreds of times, while writing 23 Miles I drove it again, putting myself in Talia Lisher’s head while doing so.

My least favorite part is promotion. It’s hard to find the balance between effectively putting yourself and your work out there and being, well quite frankly, obnoxious about it. I’m not sure I’ve found that balance. Public readings were once the hardest part for me, but I’ve gotten much more comfortable with them. I still get nervous, but nothing like it was in the beginning.

Here’s a videotaped interview I did in Virginia shortly after 23 Miles, my novel that fictionalizes the real life Colonial Parkway murders of 1986:

Interview with Renee

Me: This is a must watch video.

Do you follow other Affinity Press authors?

I follow most of the writers with Affinity as much as time constraints will allow. I spend a lot of time with Ali Spooner thanks to our involvement together with Sappho’s Scribes of Florida. She’s an amazing writer. I have also spent quite a bit of time at conferences with Annette Mori and Jen Silver, both also great writers. We are very much like a family, even if we only see each other a few times a year. I love the Lone Star Lesfic Festival in Austin, and it’s extra great that so many of the Affinity family is there – JM Dragon, Erin O’Reilly, Nancy Kaufman, Alice Plough, Lacey Schmidt, Ali Spooner, Annette Mori, Del Robertson, and myself.

What is your favorite restaurant in Naples, FL?

My favorite restaurant in Naples is probably Sushi Thai – the one on Airport Pulling Road (best service and best outdoor area for my dog). My characters Jordy, Steph, and Keira spend a lot of time in Tokyo Inn in the novel Pausing, but that is on Marco Island, not in Naples.

Tell us something about your Alma Mater? Were you part of any clubs?

I went to high school at York High in Yorktown VA, but was too busy partying to be in any groups (or at least to remember if I was…). For college I went to two small schools (Thomas Nelson in Newport News, VA, and August State University in Augusta, GA) while working multiple jobs, so I didn’t do much with any clubs.


Do you go to the beach often? Do you prefer sunrise or sunset visits? Why?

I live quite close to the beach but don’t go often. I prefer to spend my time in the swamp. My favorite beach is Tigertail on Marco Island. It is part lagoon and part gulf beach and has the most amazing birds. But whether it’s beach or swamp, I always have my camera with me.

I am a sunrise person all the way. I love mornings.

Swamp at sunrise

What was the last movie that you saw in the theatre?  Did you love it or not and why?

The last movie I saw in a commercial (public) theater was Jurassic World, in July of 2015. It was okay. Before that, the last movie was Rent, ten years earlier. I’m not a big fan of movie theatres. We have a 21-seat theater, in our community clubhouse that I go to occasionally. The last movie there was The Secret Life of Pets.

The secret live of pets

What is in the works for you?

I’m currently working on a sequel to Pausing, a dystopian romance, and a thriller. Jordy and Keira will join me for the still unnamed sequel, but the main characters will be minor ones from Pausing. I’ll be hanging out in a downtown Naples art gallery to get ready for this one. I’m 47k words into the dystopian romance, with at least two others planned in that series. And the thriller has been started but put aside for the others right now. That will be set in Big Cypress and include Gwen and PJ from Anywhere, Everywhere. Once upon a time I would never think about writing on more than one project at a time, but these days I can’t seem to help myself.

Here is an excerpt from Pausing.

I wonder if I could get some measurements.” Keira gave Jordy a hopeful look. “Some idea of the size of the furniture in there now?”

Jordy glanced around. “I need something to measure with.”

I have a tape measure,” Keira said. She pulled one out of her shoulder bag. “Never leave home without it,” she joked.

Jordy laughed. She liked this woman. But she also didn’t want her out in the dayroom. Not while it was occupied.

Donte was standing at the back of the room. Jordy waved him over.

Yeah, boss,” he said.

Give me a hand with something in the dayroom?”

“Sure.” He turned to Keira. “Hi, I’m Donte.”

I’m Keira,” she replied back.

Keira smiled at him, the smile Jordy couldn’t help thinking was warm and sweet and… whoa, really, Jord?

Keira, do you have paper and pen?” Jordy asked her.

Book Cover

She nodded and retrieved that from her bag as well. That was when Jordy noticed the dainty ring on Keira’s right ring finger. The stones were arranged into a rainbow of colors. Now, this is interesting.

Can I see your cell phone?” Jordy asked.

Keira raised an eyebrow before pulling her phone from her bag as well.

Jordy took the phone from her and dialed her own cell number. She answered when it rang and then handed Keira’s phone back to her.

Jordy put her phone up to her face and said, “Can you hear me now?”

Keira laughed into hers. “Yes, I can hear you.”

Jordy and Donte went out into the dayroom and Jordy measured and told Keira the numbers via cell phone. Donte was mostly there to watch Jordy’s back. She couldn’t concentrate on measuring, talking to Keira on the phone, and being sufficiently aware of her surroundings all at the same time.

She’s pretty,” Donte said when no one else was close.

Yes, she is, and she’s also still on the phone,” Jordy answered.

Donte’s light brown skin started glowing red and Jordy laughed.

Keira asked for Jordy to measure the back wall in its entirety. Jordy did. Then they wrapped it up.

Jordy walked Keira out to the lobby.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for me today,” Keira said.

It’s the least I could do. Thank you for your generosity.” Jordy didn’t understand the feeling that washed over her then. Her mind started reeling; she desperately wanted to make an excuse to see her longer, or again, or something.

Keira smiled. “I will be in touch if I have any questions. It will probably be a few weeks before I get it all ready to be delivered.”

Will you be coming by on delivery day?” Jordy asked, knowing she must sound like a hopeful school girl with a blossoming crush.

Keira looked like she was considering that for the first time. “Well, I do believe I will.”


Let’s give a big thank you to Renee. For more about her, don’t forget to check out her links below, including her blog which you can follow.

Renee’s Blog

Renee’s Facebook Page

Renee’s Instagram Page

Purchase ‘Pausing’

Purchase ‘Pausing’ – Affinity

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Meet Author Breanna Hughes

Good afternoon friends and welcome. Today author Breanna Hughes is here to talk about her new book, A Fine Mess. For those of you who missed it, you can click on the link for my review. Come on in and join us.

My Review of ‘A Fine Mess’

Author photo

What is A Fine Mess about?

While picking up the pieces after a family tragedy, 24-year-old singer/songwriter Harper Foley tries to fix her relationship with her estranged sister, Emily, get closure on her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Finn, and sort through her confusing feelings for her best friend, Kiley, all while trying to come to terms with who she is. A twist on the traditional coming of age story, A Fine Mess is a story about navigating through the chaos and finding yourself among the wreckage.

Book cover


What was your inspiration behind the book cover for A Fine Mess?

I wanted to keep it simple. A girl and her guitar. The plot is obviously more complicated than that, but Harper’s one constant in her life is her music.

Was there anyone or anything in your life who encouraged you to write?   If so, what did they do?

When I was ten years old, my grandmother wrote me a letter on my birthday telling me what a great writer I was and that maybe that’s what I should be when I grew up. She had read a few things I had written for school, along with a letter I wrote to her and I guess she was impressed. I kept that letter close to me all these years. I lost her just a few years after she gave me that letter, but I still keep it with me and keep her in my heart. I ended up dedicating my book to her.

Can you elaborate on what has assisted you with your creativity?

What assisted me with this particular book was the fact that I wanted something that young LGBT women could read and relate to, especially those who are just coming out and figuring out who they are.

LA Pride


How has your own music influenced your writing?

I started writing this book when I was travelling around different clubs in different cities trying to make it as a songwriter. It helped put me in the mindset of the lead character, Harper. I ended up including several of my own songs in the book. The lyrics to those songs really helped me form the story.

Did you name your book after your song, A Fine Mess, and why? 

Actually, I named the song after my book. I wanted to include some original lyrics in the book, so I wrote the song based on Harper’s relationship with her sister. I didn’t think I would turn it into an actual song, but I was really excited about the lyrics, so I created a melody for it. I kind of love that my novel-writing inspired my own song-writing.

Me: click on the link below to see Breanna perform her song.

Breanna Performing ‘A Fine Mess’

Breanna performing


Let’s give a shout out to TriPub books.  What would you like to say to them?

Without Triplicity, not only would I still be struggling to get this book published, but I definitely wouldn’t have the confidence in my writing that I have now. The fact that someone saw something special enough in A Fine Mess to publish it is a great feeling.

Breanna Hughes’ Tri-Pub page 

What has been your favorite part of being an author?  The least favorite?

The answer is the same for both questions: The reviews. I’ve had people say that the book is very relatable and that they had been through similar experiences. I love reading and hearing things like that. And then there’s the other side when people write what they hate about the book. That’s never fun to read. But in the end, all reviews help me to become a better writer.

Me: Everyone please leave a review when you finish a book. Authors really appreciate it.

On your FB page you liked Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. How did you like it? Which one is your favorite movie?

The first one will always be the best. My fiancee was actually the one who got me into those films and I’m glad she did. I love the character of Alice and how badass she is. The Final Chapter was a great way to end the franchise, but there were a lot of very glaring plot holes and changes from earlier films. It took me out of the film a bit, but it was still pretty awesome. It’s hard to complain about a film with a strong female lead.



What video games are you into? 

Honestly, I’m not a gamer. I used to have Super Nintendo and loved Mario Kart. That’s the extent of my video gaming experience.

Being a SoCal girl, what is your favorite attraction and tell us a bit about it?

Pierce Brothers Cemetery in Westwood. My two favorite actresses are buried there: Dominique Dunne and Natalie Wood. A lot of other famous people are buried there. I’m really into old Hollywood, so I love visiting that place. Sometimes I go there to write, as well. It’s a beautiful, rather small cemetery surrounded by huge buildings and it’s really hard to find unless you know exactly where it is.

Who is your favorite Anaheim Angel?  Have you ever been to an Angels-Dodger’s baseball preseason rival game?  If so, how was it?

Current: Mike Trout. All Time: Toss-up between Wally Joyner, Tim Salmon, and Garret Anderson. I’ve definitely seen a few freeway series games. I will always root for the Angels first and foremost, but the Dodgers are a close second.

What is next in the works for you?

I’m working on a new book featuring a lesbian lead character. It takes place in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear war, in a hidden away bunker. It has the lead character trying to find answers to what happened and solving the mystery behind the bunker and why she, along with everyone else there, happened to survive. There will be a featured romance in the book. It’ll be somewhat of a love triangle.

Book cover

I have included two excerpts from A Fine Mess:

Excerpt 1:

Sinking lower into the couch, Harper hesitated briefly before she picked up the phone and called the one person she had been avoiding. It only rang once before a voice answered on the other end.

“Oh, so NOW you wanna talk. I’ve called, left you messages, been waiting by the phone…but when it’s convenient for YOU, ‘Miss 2:30 in the morning’, then you suddenly wanna talk.” Kiley was still slightly hurt at Harper’s reluctance to speak to her, but she was trying to lighten the situation by gloating a bit.

Harper knew she was joking, but wasn’t exactly in the mood to play along.


“No, no. It’s fine,” Kiley dramatically interrupted. “It’s not like I have a life, or anything. I don’t need to spend my time thinking about how you’re mad at me and…”

“Emily’s home.”

There was nothing but silence on Kiley’s end until she could muster up one word. “What?”

“Emily. She came back.” Harper waited while the news sunk in for Kiley, then heard the words that pretty much could have gone without saying.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Excerpt 2: 

Kiley contemplated for a moment. “So…where do you think she was all this time? I mean, what could she have been doing? How did she make money?”

Harper shook her head emphatically. “I don’t know. I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna think about it.”

“I can’t even imagine what she’s been through. When you’re young, you never really have that goal of ‘I want to be a runaway and live life day to day not knowing when or if I’m going to eat again.’”

“Yeah, I guess that’s not really one of the options when people ask you what you want to be when you grow up.”

 Book cover

“What did you want to be?”

“Me?” Harper chuckled to herself. “Oh man, I don’t think I wanna share that with you.”

“Why not,” asked Kiley.

“Because you make fun of me enough as it is.”

“Okay, now you have to tell me.”

“I know I do. I was just hoping to prolong it. Ugh, fine. There was a time when I was eight years old, for about three weeks, when I wanted to be a hooker.”

Kiley looked over at Harper. “Okay, are you taking notice of my blank stare? Details please, before I start laughing so hard, I can’t hear your explanation.”

 “Hey, it was before I knew what it actually entailed. My parents had rented ‘Pretty Woman’ and I just so happened to watch it while they were away and my babysitter cared more about talking to her boyfriend on the phone than actually watching Emily and me. So I watched it and I just loved how glamorous Julia Roberts was and wanted Richard Gere to pay me to hang out with him and…I really had no idea. My friend Amy was much more mature than me, and her older sister told her everything. So she set me straight on what exactly a hooker was. I really had no clue. So after that, I just decided I wanted to be an astronaut. I knew what that meant.”

Kiley sat staring at Harper, awestruck.

“Shut up,” said Harper.

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Well, you were going to, so just don’t. There’s a reason eight-year-olds shouldn’t watch R-rated movies.”

“That’s for damn sure.”

A sudden flash of fear washed over Harper. It had been in the back of her mind ever since Emily left, but she never brought herself to actually consider the option. “You don’t think Emily ever…I mean. I know she needed money but she would never have…you know…”

Before you go, make sure you check out Breanna’s links and friend her on social media.

Breanna’s Amazon page

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Meet Author SL Gape

Good morning Everyone and welcome.  Today author Louise Gape has stopped by to chat with us.  Her new book, ‘Too Soon’ is getting very positive reviews. I invite you to stop in and meet this amazing woman and get to know her.


 “Live life to the full. We only get one chance at it!”

Louise Gape

 What is ‘Too Soon’ about?

‘Too soon’ is about Brooke a detective from Oxford, England who is currently off work from her job as a detective following a shooting. Her life is pretty much in turmoil with the exception of her boss/girlfriend; until Maria shatters her life and tells her she’s leaving her for their best friend and insisting Brooke leaves their home.

Brooke’s best friends Kate and Jo are there to back her and get her through everything and suggest getting away for a while. Alas, Brooke ends up in A holiday park in Anglesey.

Enter Chloe, driven, dynamic, spunky and finds it impossibly hard to not poke fun of the uptight Brooke at every opportunity. Brooke’s life slowly starts to unfold, revelations of the relationship becoming clear and each weekend spent with her new friend Chloe when she comes to spend time at her holiday home.

Their bond grows, but the uncertainty of all against them lingers as to whether it’s meant to be or whether it’s simply ‘Too Soon.’ 

It’s obvious by your book cover that you love the beach, tell us more why you chose it.

Creating my front cover is almost as exciting as writing for me. I have a tendency to envisage my cover prior to choosing the title. I knew I wanted it to be very surf orientated as that was the drive I got whilst writing Too Soon.  I love the beach, the sounds of the ocean, and the surf. I love that release and escape that it brings, as with writing. It’s completely my happy place, which is unfortunately the downside of living in the U.K. But I guess it makes me appreciate it all the more when I go on vacation. 

Book Cover

Did you do any types of writing while you were in school?  Have you received any awards or recognition for your work?

No I didn’t. I was very sports focussed in school. I love Shakespeare but I never did anything like this. In fact, I only started writing less than two years ago, by way of release and it resulted in this.  Which is completely surreal and strange to me, but I’m loving it no less.

Is there anyone or anything in your life who encouraged you to write?   What did they do?

I guess not. I did my first book as a way of avoiding having to face change that was going on in my professional life.  It began as a story I’d write on the numerous occasions I was living in hotels and away from home, and ended up being 100k words.  This in turn resulted in being offered a few publishing deals. After that I realised I loved it and … yeah, I guess I’m engrossed in it. The escapism of it is what captivates me. I love that.

Does your writing include aspects about you?

Yes, I think any writer subliminally includes elements of your life but it does frustrate me when people say “oh that’s such and such a person” I feel the need to redo it.  (This could be my friends thinking they’re funny though haha) But that’s my perfectionism I guess. I actively try to refrain, although my first book The Life of Riley, was very much about my life experience as a holiday rep. Which is a big thing in Europe and not so much in the US, but I spent 7 years doing the job and lived in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Lapland, Dom Rep and Bahamas so there was a lot of infusion from those experiences; not that it was about me per se. 

Have you ever had a fantasy come true?

Well I guess it depends in what the reference of fantasy is? If you mean a fantasy dream something I wished would happen then yes, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have many. If, however, you are referring to more of a ‘romantic’ fantasy then no not really.  I guess there are times when I’ve wanted something to happen and it has but I’m a complete romantic so I’d probably never see it as a fantasy happening as I’d probably never deem it as being impacting enough. 

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?  Can you elaborate on what has worked for you to generate creativity?

Can you elaborate on what has worked for you to generate creativity? I guess I hope they like my books.  It’s difficult for me as I’m very self-critical and nothing is good enough, throw into the mix the fact I’m new to this, don’t do this full time as a career and have never had any steer or direction, I can only go off what the readers think. And as I said I hope they like it and I hope I can sustain that enjoyment for them. In terms of creativity, I’m not so sure things really do just come to me and I run with it.  That can sometimes be difficult as at present I’m in the middle of writing three different, and very different novels, and dependant on what mood I’m when I sit down to write I’ll go to that book. It can sometimes get very confusing. I’m a complete home girl I’ve been and done the partying and I enjoy curling up with a glass of red, my candles and my laptop and that fires the creativity.

Where is the last place you traveled?  Can you tell us more about your adventure?

Cancun. One of my favourite places for a vacation. I’ve been every year for the last 5 years. I have a fairly stressful job so I’m very much about downloading as many books on my kindle as possible and laying in the pool with my margaritas and reading. Equally I tend to get a lot of inspiration overseas, so I managed to write 75% of Worlds Apart which is the book after Fight to the Top which will be out next month.  I love travelling whether it be a beach holiday or even just a visit to Anglesey. 

Do you follow any sports teams?  If so can you tell us a bit about your interest in them?

If so can you tell us a bit about your interest in them? I love Miami dolphins.  People often assume I’m in to football because I’m from the UK and London.  But personally, not my thing. My favourite thing is to go to Florida for Super Bowl and hit up a sports bar and watch Super Bowl with some wings and wine.  I love how embroiled everyone gets in it. I have spent a lot of time in Florida both work and pleasure and despite them never doing as well as I’d want (aside from this year) I still root for them.

Louise Gape

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love to travel and I do that frequently. I go to Jamaica in April and am super excited. Outside of that my favourite things are photography and cooking.  I love just driving off and finding awesome things to photograph but I’m not a fan of greenery so the UK is wasted on me.  However, getting up at 6/7am on a Saturday morning putting the radio on and cooking/prepping some Indian or Mexican food is my total happy place.

Have you seen the now syndicated English series Absolutely Fabulous?  Who do you relate to the most, Edwina, Patsy, or Saffron?

Yes of course I’m British haha. I’d love to say Saffy the well-mannered bright one; in actuality I’m probably more likened to Eddie the ditsy, uncoordinated drunk (for clarity I’m not a drunk).

What was the last musical performance you attended?

Wicked.  I bought it for an ex-girlfriend years ago, and we split up pre, but still went… Erm Slightly awkward. 

Can you give us a shout out about your hometown (or it can be the one you reside in now)?  What is a fun and interesting attraction to visit there?

I live in a village called Stockton Heath, Cheshire and it’s awesome. My local pub the Lion is very English where we all know each other and has the best sun trap looking out onto a bowls green. The village is very Mediterranean in summer which is difficult to not be coaxed into venturing out. I love it, I love how quaint it is and calls in a lot of people especially over the weekends. 

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

Negativity. It appears everywhere, relationships, family, religion, money. I mean don’t get me wrong personally I’d get trump out and Obama back in (personal opinions sorry) but if you take negativity and focus on positivity then I genuinely believe the world would be a better place… I’m a romantic novelist though I guess I could be deemed as being unrealistic

Me:  Making a gratitude list each day is very helpful in achieving positivity.

Heart in the Sun

What types of service work have you participated in.  How was your experience?

I’m ashamed to say I don’t really get involved in too much.  I spend a lot of time either at work, writing with my nieces and nephews and my partners 101-year-old gran.

Me:  Wow.  This is so sweet. You know your loved ones appreciate this.

What is next in the works for you?

My next novel Fight to the Top is out next month. Triplicity Publishing already have Worlds Apart my novel after that and I’m currently in the process of writing some other material which will all be out later in the year.

 Book Cover

Here is an excerpt from Too Soon:

“So, you see a poor girl upset, sad and distressed and you make fun of her? This will be an amazing six weeks?” she said smiling a little.  She felt at ease already, and was glad of that fact.  “Now, please, mystery surf woman, it’s taken me forever and a day to get here, please show me where my room is?” she said seriously.  

She watched the woman lift her eyebrow smirking.  “The good news is, that’s your palace, princess” She pointed behind her. “In front of you, therefore, you park up here and you’re good to go” she said smiling and walking off.  She shouted behind her without even turning around “and FYI, the mystery surfer’s name, is Chloe.  In case you were wondering?” she said turning and disappearing off, surfboard in hand.  Brooke watched Chloe leave, her long dark hair, wavy from the water. 

At last, you have found your home, she thought.  She parked her car up and went to unlock the door, deciding not to move a single bag until she had opened and got into the right place.  After today’s traumas, she was clearly very pessimistic.  Luckily for Brooke, she was good. It was the right place and she was home free. Walking in, Brooke was amazed by the size of it. Regardless of the fact it was sold as a static and not a tourer, which she didn’t understand, she couldn’t help but assume it would be a small room with a bed, settee, fridge and mini oven in. And a toilet and sink in the corner.  It wasn’t like that though; it was a small house, a small flat. It had a full kitchen, a full lounge and dining room, a full two bedrooms and a full bathroom.  She was completely astounded. It was lovely and so cute.  She walked to the end of the lounge and opened the blinds to reveal the patio doors.  Opening them out onto her balcony, she took in the most spectacular sea views. Brooke sighed, and for the first time in nearly two weeks she realised it was a sigh of happiness, she couldn’t believe it, this was all completely perfect she thought. 

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Meet Author Linda Bates

Good Morning Friends.  Today I have turned the blog over to popular Lesfic author, Linda Bates.  She is here discussing interesting things from her life.  Come on and bring your friends and join us.  You are going to love this woman.  I have included the link to my review for It Drew Pale.  Be sure to check it out.  Now let’s introduce Linda Bates!

Click hyperlink for It Drew Pale review.

Author Photo

Hi!  I’m Linda Bates, and I live and work in the north of the UK. It’s a very beautiful, and sought-after destination for outdoor enthusiasts, and was once voted the best place in England to bring your little ones. It offers some breath-taking mountains with, in my opinion, the best lakes in the world in its hidden valley’s. I guess that is why it is called the Lake District. I love to walk the fells in the summer. My days of traversing Scafell Pike, and the sister hills, in winter are past, but I still enjoy a good wander in the wildernesses around where I live.

I’m originally from Yorkshire, but I travelled the world a little, and lived at one point in a part of war-torn Africa, dodging mortars and automatic machine gun bullets. I know what it is like growing up in the middle of political conflict, and how easy it is for someone in the western world to form opinions based on biased reporting. It’s much like in the old American West, where some of my historical books have their foundation.

I have a third Western in the making, already having ‘American Dream’ and It Drew Pale out in print. It Drew Pale was already written, or half written, when I decided to self-publish. It has all the olde worlde charm of a good western, with gritty, female characters who can live in a world without men doing it for them. Something I noticed in my halcyon days of youth in all the John Ford Westerns was the predominant male adventurer, always getting the girl. This is what spurred me on – to coin a phrase – to writing about women finally being ramrod and turning the tables on male dominance. I love that woman gets woman, and so I wrote books I wanted to see on the market. In my younger days, there was little lesbian literature. Now there’s a lot more. I did not publish my books then. I waited a bit longer. Imagine a world without ePub? LOL.


I was studying some book designs for It Drew Pale, and came up with the hat on a boot. It was cutesy and tongue-in-cheek, so I placed it inside a light blue background, and came up with a typical western theme, but with an amusing twist. I like to think my westerns, although seriously considered, are mostly for amusement, and full of gentle persuasion.  I let it loose, born out of American Dream. Jack is a character full of charm, romantic notions, but a hard edge of pure grit most girls are aware they have, yet are loathe at times to explore.

When I am not working on books, I am writing for the local newspaper, or editing works people send to me. I had a book signing recently at our local library which was a fun and learning experience for me. It was lovely to talk about my books and to express to others the reasons why I write the way I do. I’m what is commonly termed ‘a driven writer’. I was passively unaware of the title, of course, as one thinks of oneself as an individual, but if the cap fits, as they say…

If I am not doing all those other things, I am keeping house and home together, and I live with my partner and two cats. I wrote about my rescue kitties, too, but I chose to go paper copy with my affectionately termed ‘kitty book’ “Two Tuxedos and Five Peas on a Plate”. It is only available through me, or the British Library, who now own five copies of the original script, officially! I may release this, too, in eBook format, but not yet. I want to keep it to myself for a while longer – writers will understand that bit!

Linda's Cats

I laugh at New Year Resolution time! It’s a difficult one. Once you have made a resolution, you are duty bound to stick to it, or feel a failure if you don’t. I don’t commit that easily any more. I realise the trait of human frailty. It’s a burden on your already stretched resources to act a certain way, probably driven by fashion or tradition, I would say. If you are going to promise something, be careful what you promise – remember John’s head on a platter, because a certain king promised to deliver before he realised what was at stake? It’s okay to make resolutions if you have a personal goal that is achievable, but making promises you can’t keep is wearisome; and almost always leads you down the same old road of broken and shattered dreams; the non-American kind.

I broke with tradition a few Christmases ago. This was mainly due to dietary constraints, and the need to have something a little lighter after all that gorging on turkey! I like to have Eton Mess as an alternative. It is decadent, full of whipped, fresh Devon cream, yet it is lighter than the trad-Xmas pudding. All the stodge, larger portions, are all synonymous to the season, but I realised that although I was making a Christmas Pudding, I was not eating it. And this is how it went…

…I was away, visiting friends and family, staying in a beautiful mansion, now converted into a chain hotel I like, when I spotted the dish on the menu. It’s a relatively old concept in the South of England, hence its name originates from one of the most prestigious learning establishments in the world, Eton. I decided to recreate the decadence for Christmas. Like I said, it is made with fresh, Devon cream, crushed meringue, and strawberries. I like to make a jus of fresh berries for garnish, too, and a little finely grated chocolate on top. It is delicious, and I urge anyone who has had to eat Christmas Pudding after eating a full roast dinner, to partake of Eton Mess, instead. It’s lighter, but still has that British snobbery, and little naughtiness about it.

Lynn, you asked me about my favourite place in Yorkshire. There are many lovely places within the Shire. The people are great, friendly, and the accent has a low cadence that does not grate on your nerves. For many reasons, the west coast around Robin Hood’s Bay is a delightfully British sea village idyll; given the location is a little more remote, and the atmosphere has an artsy feel: An ideal place to paint, draw, sculpt, write or do anything your creative brain challenges you to do.


But, in contrast, I also enjoy Whitby on a day visit, because of its busy sea port charm, and the many fish and chip shops dotted around the inlet. People can visit the Abbey, made more famous by those Dracula books, and of course some of the credit for inspiring me to write Everlusting Love! But I adore all of Yorkshire. In fact, I am due a visit there later in the Spring. There’s a massive Literature Festival in York spanning over three weeks that is a must for authors of every genre. York is home to York Minster, of course, a place where I go to worship, being CofE, but it also houses some of the finest art and historical artefacts within its veritable, revered fortifications that the world has ever seen. The City suffered floods in 2015, that devastated much of the foundations of York, and the surviving ancient buildings. Now, gladly, all is recovered, and the Jarvik Centre, of archaeological importance because of its complete Viking encampment, will again open its doors to the public for the first time since renovations began soon after the water level receded. That is down in greatest part to the determination, stamina, fundraising acumen and community spirit of the Yorkshire people.

Everlusting Love Cover2

And talking of determination and stamina, I move with a little spring in my step to my favourite sport of all time. You already know me to be an avid American Football fan, don’t you? I don my Green Bay Packer garb every time I can. Usually when there is a game showing on Brit TV! It’s cheesy, I know, but I have loved the sport, and the team, since it was shown on C4 back in the 80’s. I went over to Arizona some time back, visiting friends, and making great new ones. One of those new pals, a great lady, who was once a model, and retired – though you wouldn’t know it from the active life she still leads – gave me some much-needed time out, switched her TV on in the middle of a party, sat me down with some popcorn and cola, to watch the Arizona Cardinals play live! I was in seventh heaven!

Lynn, it was the best holiday I had had up to that point, and I still keep in touch with many there as a result of the many parties I was invited to, and the fun times I had swimming or playing pickle ball with some very spritely 70 year olds who certainly gave me a run for my money! I’d give anything to return to America, and maybe some day I will.

You asked me if I found a four-leaf clover whether I would wish on it? The answer is – NO! I would give the wish to my best friend, who needs it more than I do.

My last LGBTQ lesfic book I read? That would be telling! I love them all, because I happen to think that lesfic as a genre is grossly misrepresented, or barely noticed by literary giants the world over. It is important to get our own stories out there the whole time we are alive, because we all have a voice. Some people see writing as a competition. It is. But not the competition that is destructive and beating a drum against the next LGBTQ wannabee. It is about submitting alternative viewpoints that matter. Like in the days of Hitler, and the burning of ‘other’ literature that did not support a particular regime, it’s about recognition of literature well written. And we all need, as a people, to be together in promoting our work as a body of inclusivity.


I don’t listen to music when I am writing. I have complete, or relatively complete silence when I write. I have a rough timeline in which I scribble down anything and everything, and I take that timeline seriously. Anyone who interrupts my creative time can come under serious fire! I’m affable, friendly, approachable, but not when I have deadline. Then, I am focused and exclusively so.

Lynn, I could ask you what is the best part you enjoy when interviewing authors, because I find your job fascinating. You find authors of this life, and meet several intelligent, imaginative and creative people all the time. I don’t have the privilege to meet with my artist friends, since my work keeps me glued mostly to my screen. But what I do enjoy is writing itself, and I guess that is the given. Writing is what I do – it is intrinsic to my well-being. The least favourite thing about being an author out of the many hats one has to don to be an author in the 21st Century is promotion. I’m not ideally suited to plugging my wares. I was terrible at selling myself! I had to grit my teeth and bite the bullet, and I pulled that hat well down over my ears to perform a necessary duty I was ill-equipped to deal with. I have learned to cope with the media over the years, and I took all the tutorials I could to keep up with today’s technology. I keep on learning, and that is something everyone can relate to. If you stop learning, start ignoring the technological advancements, within a year you could find yourself dead in the water. You must need to paddle with the right gear, or drown! It’s survival, but it is fun when you are at the top of your game – I have yet to reach my very own Utopia, but thankfully, with God’s help and your support, I can!

You must excuse me, Lynn and Co, but I must love you and leave you now, since I have twelve children’s books to introduce, and a great story about a woman called Carol who’s finding life a little bit difficult on the edge of rationale! Hope you can join me on Facebook or Twitter, and can find some great giveaways when you sign up for my free newsletters. It was great meeting with you again, Lynn. Have a great year with your partner; and my cats say a big HI to your kitties, too.

Purchase ‘It Drew Pale’

Purchase ‘Everlusting Love’

Thank you, Linda, for stopping by to chat.  Before you go be sure to check out Linda’s links:

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Linda’s Web Page and Blog


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Meet Author DK Linda (‘The Princess Brides’)

Good afternoon folks and welcome.  Today we have author DK Linda here to chat with us about her latest story, The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale as well as share with us her latest news.  You are going to love her so come on by.

Author Photo.jpg 

Why don’t you start by telling us about yourself?  What makes DK Linda tick? 

Well, let me begin by saying… If you ever hear me ticking, please check that I’m not strapped to a bomb. Although, it’s probably just a very loud watch.  Let’s see… I have brown hair and blue eyes, am a Sagittarius, voraciously desire candy (mmm sugar) and I like to wear ball caps. I was born in a small town in the South — N. Miami Beach. I’m one of those, ‘Native Floridians.’  I post a lot of pictures and memes on Facebook and Twitter. I spend an inordinate amount of time with my cat, Trouble. She makes me laugh and I annoy her. The relationship works. I love music, movies and of course, books.

I published my first Novella in December 2013. My Happy Ever After is the story of Talia and Michele and of their love and passion for one another. It’s the story of how, when tragedy strikes and you lose the person your soul searched for and your heart beat for, how you continue to exist. It’s a story of love, loss and hope.

In December of 2014 I published my second novella. The Devil Within is about a local reporter who feels unappreciated in her career and personal life. When a series of murders take place in her small town, she finally receives the attention she seeks, and we follow her unraveling as the suspect count progresses.

This past April 2015, I published my first young adult novella called, The Princess Brides: A Modern Day Fairy Tale.  It’s a short, sweet tale of second chances and true love.

I’ve always had a strong affinity for animals and their well-being. My greatest wish is that no angel is ever without a loving forever home. That human beings, who have the power to end overpopulation will stop breeding for profit. I would love to see an end to abuse and horrific pet stores. Also, I’d like to see humans choose to be responsible by spaying and neutering their pets and ultimately contributing to their overall well-being so shelters will, in my lifetime, become obsolete. That continues to be my wish.

What is ‘The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale’ about?

The Princess Brides is about a Princess (Okay, I may have given that away in the title) who finds herself in a position where, in order to take her rightful place on the throne and become queen of her kingdom, she must get married.  She throws a formal ball to find her one true love, and… well, you’ll have to read the book to see what happens.  (Hint – see title once again.) 

How many different book titles did you consider before deciding on the one chosen?

The Princess Brides came to me rather quickly. I was calling it, The Princess (publicly) while writing it; however, I knew midway into it what I was going to ultimately call it. I really love the title and am quite proud of it.  I’d love to give a shout-out to the extremely talented Amanda Chron @ http://www.amandachrondesign.com.  She’s a phenomenal artist who brilliantly executes the visions I lay out with the most perfect covers.

Author Book Photo

Creating rich characters take a lot of time and development. How do you bring out the desired character traits in your stories? 

Ordinarily, I don’t create any backstories for the characters or do outlines. I, rarely know anything about my characters when I set out to write – including their names a lot of the time. My writing process is indicative of me, in so much as it’s not very disciplined or organized, really. I start out with a basic idea and storyline, and with this general idea I sit down and just start writing. I let the story flow, sequentially. I tend to see things vividly, creatively. I am an actor and I think that plays a part (see what I did there) in how I create my characters and stories- how I envision scenes and how they, eventually (hopefully) come across to the reader. 

Were you inspired to write ‘The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale’ by real life events or people?  Or are you more motivated by fantasy? 

Although I have always been a huge advocate for same-sex marriage, the day it became legal in every state I was shocked and extremely thrilled, simultaneously. When people were finally able to call their partners “spouse” it was a significantly monumental day! Definitely one of the happiest days of my life.  Admittedly, I had no idea that it would ever truly happen in my lifetime. I had no idea when I wrote The Princess Brides that a few short months later same-sex marriage would be the law of the land.

All of my books start with an inspiration. If I feel driven by it, if I feel an intense need to see it through to fruition, and if I can keep interested and feel creatively inspired, I know there’s a viable story there.  I have a niece and nephew whom I greatly adore! They knew that I had written a few books, but couldn’t read them because of the adult subject matter.  My inspiration was that I wanted to write something that they could read. There was a huge void with this particular subject matter— there were no same sex princesses or princes. I thought it was about time that changed! I wanted to write something that they and other children could read that would be meaningful, inspiring and hopefully enjoyable.

When I get messages from lovely readers who tell me that it’s about time that we had a story like this and they’re going to read it to their children… it makes me feel immeasurably grateful and deliriously happy!

Speaking of fantasy, how did the Hogwarts Hufflepuff hat choose you? 

Ha! I think you’re referring to a post where I say: “No matter how Gryffindor I think I am… at the end of the day, I’m definitely more of a Hufflepuff.”

In full disclosure, I haven’t actually been placed in a Hogwarts house… yet. That being said, I remain firm in the belief that I’d most likely be placed in Hufflepuff should I meet the sorting hat.

I’m a fan of “Absolutely Fabulous”.  Who do you relate to:  Edina, Patsy, or Saffron and why? 

Ooooh, I haven’t seen the show in a while, although I know that a movie is expected sometime soon; that’s very exciting!  Let’s see… I’m sure that I’ve had moments where I can relate to all of them in some way. However, I think I’ll go with Edina on this one.

How do you get into the zone?  Do you use comedy and fantasy? 

I’m very easily distracted and… oooh, good song just came on… what was I saying? Oh yes, I’m easily distracted. Some days I really have to force myself to sit down and get to it.  Although, when I’m enjoying what I’m doing, writing or other…I feel inspired. That enthusiasm helps.

Hey, did you hear this one?  A physicist sees a young man about to jump off the Empire State Building.  She yells, “Don’t do it! You have so much potential!”

I listen to music or have the TV on, or both. (TV on mute). I tend to take a lot of breaks, periodically having to step away altogether- usually after writing something particularly difficult, complex or arduous.

Have I mentioned that I get easily distracted? Parallel lines have so much in common. It’s a shame they’ll never meet.

I love comedy! I love to laugh and I love to hear others laugh. I think it may surprise a lot of people who read my books and interact with me through Facebook and Twitter, just how dark they can get.

You’re very talented and versatile.  How did you get to be in an all-girl band?    Will you share some of your experience with us?

Thank you!

When I was in my late teens, early 20’s, I had a friend who was one of the best guitarists that I’ve ever known. She would get together with a bunch of other girls and play little shows here and there. One day I said to her, “Hey, I’d like to be in the band.” And so, I was in the band! It was really that simple. I played rhythm guitar and collaborated with her to write the songs. I wrote all the lyrics. We played a few gigs here and there. It was a pretty fantastic time. I was a bit of a cliché, however. I was dating a professional model and we were doing drugs. She went off to Paris to do a job, I quit doing drugs in the interim, and when she came back— she quit me. Shortly thereafter my cancer was finally diagnosed and that was that. I started my next chapter. 

We share a common interest:  Video games.  Which ones do you like to play? 

I have always loved games and gaming… and I’ve always excelled at them. There was one place I worked— long, long ago that had a Ms. Pac-Man machine in a very exposed back room area. Well, one day I was called into the manager’s office and reprimanded, but good, for playing excessively. I knew then that I had a problem.  I get submersed within some of them and can spend hours upon hours playing. Akin to reading—  “Just one more chapter, then I’ll put it down.  Oh, I have to see what happens next, just one more chapter.”  Or in the case of gaming, just one more level.

The first game system that I can remember buying was an Atari. (I still have it, in the original box). As well as an old Gameboy system and several games.  And of course, the Playstation’s 2 and 3.

Over the last few years my favorite game to play has primarily been The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I’ve completed it about 5 or 6 times. (That will only be impressive to people who’ve played Skyrim—it’s such an expansive world and there’s no shortage of things to be done. It can feel never ending). Granted, there are aspects of the game I’m not particularly fond of; it can be a bit tedious and the loading on the PS3 can feel never ending, too. Nonetheless, it’s definitely my go-to game. I did have a subscription to GameFly for a time, but had to cancel it because I felt compelled to play way too often in order to justify the cost of the rentals. The last game I bought was, ironically, The Last of Us.

I know you’re a huge Tomb Raider- Lara Croft fan, Lynn. 

What do you like about Wanda Sykes’ style of humor? 

I think she’s legitimately funny and relatable.

Me:  Take a look at this video, suggested by DK to see one of Wanda’s funniest routines.


What is your favorite part of being an author?  

I think it would be that I’m doing something I genuinely love. What an honor and privilege it is to be able to do that. Books stem from an idea, a thought, something from deep within the recesses of the mind. How wondrous to be able to create a whole world from one thought!   One word becomes a sentence, a paragraph and chapter… and then, from that simple idea… a book! The thought becomes a tangible entity. To be able to create something, to work hard to see it develop and ultimately hold it to your hands, knowing that generations to come can do the same… that’s pretty cool! Even more marvelous… when people from all over the world read my books and that ‘formed thought’ touched them in some way… That’s pretty dang amazing!

 The Princess Brides Cover

Here are some of DK’s favorite quotes:

“Reality is what you agree to.” 

“Lets just make it down the hill for starters.”

Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King –

 Thank goodness you are a survivor!  How have you been inspired to battle against cancer?  Where do you find your inner strength?

That’s sweet of you to say. It wasn’t until I was writing my bio, in December of 2013 that I decided to mention that I was a cancer survivor. Until then, I didn’t really discuss it very much, and certainly never publicly. It felt a bit cathartic.  Cancer inexorably changes you, mentally and physically. I didn’t realize how deeply I was truly affected, until recently. Like many people reading this right now, I’ve personally experienced a great deal of loss from this pitiless disease, and witnessed countless others go through the same with their own family and friends. The toll this beastly thing has taken is immeasurable.

The last few years, in particular, have been brutal… tough to bear. People are seemingly living healthier, eating better, working out more and yet it seems as though nobody can escape it and little can sufficiently combat it.

There are over 200 types of cancers and figuring out how to stop cells from dividing and mutating may be a better angle than thinking about curing it once they do. Curing it seems akin to figuring out how land on the moon by hopping high enough on a pogo stick. You can do everything right and if your cells are predisposed genetically to divide and form tumors, they will.  However, humans have certainly made the environment for it inviting.  <Picture cells dividing while smoking a pipe in a lounge jacket by a fireplace and sipping some fantastic wine, with Barry White playing>  I feel as though I’ve digressed here, greatly. My point… We’ve made it enticing for our cells to mutate. They’re no longer genetic anomalies. The important lesson is how miraculous we are, how utterly amazing our lives are at all and to take advantage of the time we’ve been given.

Will you share what is next for you? 

I would love to.  Before I do, I’d like to take a moment here to thank you, Lynn! Thank you for your interesting questions that allow readers to get to know authors better. You’re exceptionally kind and generous, and your genuine passion and love for books and authors is truly appreciated.

So, I am currently writing —well re-writing, a novella.  The working title, at the moment is, A Dark Matter.  I don’t want to divulge too much about it just yet… suffice it to say, it will be in the paranormal romance genre, and true to all of my books will feature lesbian protagonists.

If I may take another moment to thank the readers!  You give our words life and meaning. Thank you all, most sincerely!

Me:  Thank you so much.  I love sharing other author’s work with readers.


DK has provided two excerpts for us from The Princess Brides:  A Modern Day Fairy Tale. 

Excerpt 1

The weather had grown increasingly colder since her last outing, and a blanket of snow now covered the forest. The enticing scent of the woods had been replaced by an icy chill that filled her nostrils and lungs when she breathed in. The trees looked barren without their leafy coverings, and no sun shone through the boughs; the sky was dark and gray, like Princess Dumplings mood. She trudged through the wet slush until she came to a halt in front of a frozen pond. She sat on a boulder at its edge while the royal guard hung back and dawdled. With her fists resting on both sides of her jaw, the princess sat slumped, deep in thought, missing her father. She wished that she could talk to him, say or do something to make him emit a roaring belly laugh, kiss his whiskered cheek or ask his advice. She could feel the tears in the back of her eyes as they began to burn. She allowed them to come, and she sat there on that boulder for some time, just letting her emotions drain from her. As the crystalline flakes fell from darkened clouds, filling the pond, so did her tears. The guard, not knowing what to do, lollygagged uncomfortably, trying to remain unnoticed while the princess reflected.

Excerpt 2 

Candace suddenly felt flushed, like every eye in the palace was upon her. However, only one set of eyes truly was. Candace stood face to face with Princess Dumpling, who was positioned in the waiting line to greet guests and who seemed to be standing frozen with a bizarre look on her face. An odd lump formed in Candaces throat as she waited for a hello, a handshake, a nod, or anything. Suddenly, there was deafening silence in the hall. Candace felt her heart beat quickly and became aware that it was seemingly much louder than normal. She concluded that if everyone was quiet, then it was because they were aware of the booming, thunderous, reverberating thumping emanating from her chest, too. Several people surrounding the princess stared at the scene with worry. Finally, someone decided to inquire about her state. “Are you okay, Princess?” a man to her left cautiously asked. Candace stood motionless, staring into Princess Dumplings striking blue eyes, wondering the same thing and what the answer, if one came, would be. Princess Dumpling gulped and blinked several times. With a fluttering cough, she cleared her throat and held out her hand. You could audibly hear several sighs from the worried group. Candace grasped Princess Dumplings hand and felt a heat, instantly, from her toes up to her loudly beating heart; there seemed to be a current that ignited something within.


I want to thank DK for stopping by to chat with us today.  It was such a pleasure getting to know you.  For more exciting news about this dynamic author, please check out DK’s links below:

DK Linda’s Amazon Author Page

DK Linda’s Facebook Page

DK Linda’s Facebook Author Page

DK Linda’s Blog – Feel free to leave comments!

DK Linda’s Twitter Page – @duckingfame

DK Linda’s YouTube Channel

Purchase links – Amazon

‘The Princess Brides’ 

‘My Happy Ever After’ 

‘The Devil Within’ 

Purchase links – Barnes & Noble

‘My Happy Ever After’

‘The Devil Within’


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Meet Author Aurora Rey (‘Winter’s Harbor’)

Good Afternoon Everybody!  Today author Aurora Rey, Winter’s Harbor is here to chat with us about her work as well as herself.  She is an energetic woman who has created works of art in written form.  Be prepared to be ‘wowed’.  Pull up a chair and join in.

 Author Photo

 Ay, there’s the rub.


 Who is Aurora Rey?  Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I’m a college administrator by day and a writer by, well, mostly early morning. I thought I wanted to be a biochemist for a while, then decided I wanted to be a writer. I started working after college and forgot that for a while, but fortunately I remembered. In the interim, I thought I wanted to be a cake designer. I still love to bake, but it’s nice not to have the pressure of someone’s wedding every other weekend. I grew up in Louisiana and, even though I can’t imagine living there again, it will always be home. I’ve probably watched You’ve Got Mail a hundred times and I never get tired of it. My favorite form of exercise is belly dancing, even though I’m not very good at it.

What is Winter’s Harbor about?

Winter’s Harbor is the story of Lia and Alex. Alex is a pastry chef who lives in Provincetown. She enjoys her work at the café she owns and the company of beautiful women. When Lia appears in her shop in the beginning of November, Alex thinks she may have found the perfect company for the cold nights of winter. Lia arrives in Provincetown looking to escape her ex, but also a New York City lifestyle that never felt quite right. She’s more than a little unsure of herself and finds Alex’s attentions both thrilling and disconcerting. They’ve got great chemistry, but also some baggage that makes them loathe to take emotional risks. I like to think they grapple with the kind of uncertainty and self-doubt most of us can relate to. To find a way to be together, they have to overcome that.

Book Cover Photo

What was the deciding factor for your book title?

Lia goes to Provincetown to regroup after her relationship, and the life she’s built around it, fall apart. She’s looking for a safe haven. Provincetown, complete with its off-season quiet, provides that both literally and figuratively.

What is your process for character building?  Can you expand on what influences your creativity?

I love watching people—at work, at the airport, at a dinner party. I try to absorb mannerisms, suss out their motivations. Characters are a great way to explore traits that are completely out of my comfort zone. Of course, sometimes, I throw in details or experiences that are close to my heart. Like Lia, for example, I listen to Evita when cleaning the house. Also like Lia, I get teased about it pretty badly.

Can you share with us your inspiration for Winter’s Harbor?

When I gave myself permission to write the kind of story I wanted to read, I started with one of my favorite places in the world—Provincetown. I’d just finished reading Michael Cunningham’s Land’s End. His description of the off season is both beautiful and compelling. And I spent a few years moonlighting as a baker, so it wasn’t much of a leap to feature a café and a pastry chef.

Me:  Always follow your heart, especially with your work.  This makes the story even more enticing.

Here is a five review from one of Aurora’s readers:

5.0 out of 5 stars Sequel Please!

By JBaker on November 25, 2015

Format: Paperback

I loved this novel. Drawn to the setting of Provincetown, I thought the book captured the off season of my favorite resort town perfectly. I loved the scenes in some of my favorite spots – the Governor Bradford, The Squealing Pig – and felt like the energy of winter Provincetown really came through. The chemistry between Alex and Lia was what set the book apart from other romance novels for me. Yes, the steamy scenes are hot, but the build up and flirtation between the two characters made the first part of the book fly – I found myself trying to slow down to prolong the anticipation. The friend relationships between Lia and Sally, Alex and Stuart felt realistic and filled out the main characters nicely. I can’t wait for Rey’s next novel – here’s hoping we get more Alex and Lia!

What gets you into the zone when writing?

I love the idea of writing outside with a glass of wine, but I get a hell of a lot more done at the kitchen island with a cup of coffee. My writing music of choice is jazz, but when I really need to focus, I use this app called Coffeetivity. It mimics the background noise in a café. It’s kind of ridiculous, but it works.

Kicking Back

Tell us a bit about your blog and what you like about blogging.

It’s mostly musings about writing and life. I also feature recipes for dishes featured in my books. I enjoy it because blog posts only require about half an hour of an attention span to write. It’s also a fun way to connect with readers.

Me:  Here is the link to the blog.  Feel free to share and leave comments.

Aurora’s Blog


Here is a blog interview that Aurora had with Bold Stroke Books.  Check it out!

Aurora’s Blog Interview

Where would you go on a dream vacation?  Have you ever drawn from a vacation to inspire a storyline?

In a lot of ways, Provincetown is my dream vacation. I’ve never been anywhere else that feels so much like home, even more than actual home at times. I adore London and Paris and would love to see more of the world’s great cities, but there is something about the ocean, the restaurants, and all the queerness that keeps pulling me back.

 Provincetown Pride

What is the easiest part of writing for you?  What is the most difficult?

I really enjoy the dialog. It’s easy for me to hear conversations in my mind, so much so that I often have to go back and fill in things like thoughts and gestures and whatnot. Like a lot of writers, I struggle with conflict. When you create characters that you love, it can be hard to have them make bad choices and suffer.

I understand you love gardening.  What plants do you like to grow?

Mostly vegetables, and herbs. We tilled a new garden from scratch last year after buying a house. The soil wasn’t great, but the one thing that took off was the tomato patch. There were days when I ate a tomato sandwich and a tomato salad for lunch and dinner. Or bruschetta. It was heaven. I have fantasies of a fruit orchard, too, but, my partner says we have to focus on one thing at a time. She says the same thing about getting bees. And sheep.

 Author Photo 4

Would you tell us about how you got into fostering dogs?

Classic breakup story—former couple remains friendly, but only one keeps the dog. I’d never been solely responsible for a dog before and was nervous, so fostering felt like a good option. I helped Jessie find her forever home, then fell hard for Daisy. (You can read her story on my blog). I adopted her and then fostered a few more. It’s an amazing way to help dogs without the permanence or financial commitment; I recommend it to anyone.

Me:  Here is a touching story that Aurora shares with us.

For Daisy


Have you ever done work for an animal rescue group in addition to fostering?

I volunteer with Cayuga Dog Rescue.  There’s always somewhere to pitch in—baking cookies to thank the vets who help us, making “Adopt Me” caps for foster dogs to wear at events, doing home visits with potential adopters. I also occasionally drive for rescue transports. Rescue groups in the Northeast pull dogs from overcrowded shelters in the South. The dogs make their way north on coordinated transports where volunteers drive one or two-hour legs. It’s a lot of fun and an easy way to make a difference. (Am I making a good sell? I hope so. Contact the rescue groups in your area to see if there’s a transport near you!)

Aurora's Dog Aurora's Dog 2






Tell us about your ‘Vintage Queer’ board on Pinterest.

I use Pinterest to find inspiration for books, including characters. I happened upon a few really cool images of women together, women in men’s clothes. They’re so handsome and striking. I haven’t written a historical romance yet, but these women might just inspire me to.

Vintage Queer Board

Me:  Take a few minutes to check this one out.  There is some interesting history here. 

We share a common interest – cooking.  Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share with us?

I’m always a little hesitant to share savory recipes because I’m terrible at writing them down. In the spirit of my Louisiana roots, then, I’ll share my family’s recipe for French Market Donuts. I’d put them up against Café du Monde’s any day of the week. (You can read the story behind the recipe on my now-defunct baking blog).

The Literate Baker

French Market Doughnuts

Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1/4 cup shortening.  Add 1/2 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 cup powdered milk.  When lukewarm, add 1 pack yeast dissolved in 1/2 cup lukewarm water.  Add 2 beaten eggs and 2 cups all-purpose flour and beat well.  Then add 2 1/2-3 cups more flour.  Knead a few times and put in a greased bowl.  Grease top and put in refrigerator for at least one hour. To make the beignets, roll the dough on a floured surface to approximately 1/4 inch thick.  Cut into 2-ish inch squares.  Slightly irregular shapes are okay. Place about an inch of vegetable oil in a pot over medium-high heat.  I’ve never used a thermometer, but I’m guessing it’s between 350 and 375 degrees.  To test the oil, drop in a very small bit of dough.  It should bubble immediately and float within five seconds.  Carefully drop the beignets into the hot oil.  Flip after 1-2 minutes; they’ll be puffed in the middle and golden brown.

French Market Donuts


Remove the beignets and drop immediately into a paper bag containing 1-2 cups of powdered sugar.  Close the bag and shake vigorously.  This is a lot of fun and offers superior coverage to the (albeit generous) sprinkling of sugar espoused by Cafe du Monde and most beignet shops.

What is next for you?

My second book, Built to Last, comes out in April from Bold Stroke Books. (See second excerpt below). I’m working on my third novel now, a romantic intrigue set in New Orleans. It will be available in early 2017. My day job keeps me plenty busy and I’ve got some fun Pinterest projects lined up (like building a hoop house and making felted wool dryer balls). I think we’re going to get chickens in the spring, so there will be coop-building and roost constructing and other fowl-focused activity. I’m also really looking forward to weather just warm enough to drink wine around a bonfire.

 Book Cover Photo

Aurora has provided a nice excerpt from this exciting story.  Read on!

Excerpt 1

About two hours, and three beers, after they’d arrived, Lia and Alex emerged from the bar. There were snowflakes falling around them and everything in sight was covered with a light dusting of snow.

“Oh.” Lia threw her arms out and turned in a slow circle.

Alex couldn’t tell whether Lia’s enthusiasm was genuine or more the result of the drinking. Either way, it was charming, and sexy. Lia had a way of being at once a deeply complicated woman and a disarmingly simple one. It made her want to test the taste of her, the feel of her skin, the response of her body to kiss and touch. Alex readily embraced the desire she felt, but remained unsettled by the additional stirring that seemed both exciting and a little dangerous.

“Can I walk you home?”

Lia turned toward her. She seemed to remember where she was, walked the two steps back to where Alex was standing. “I don’t want to put you out.”

“You’re not, I promise. And it would make me feel better knowing you were home safely.”

Lia poked her lightly on the chest. “You’re one of those chivalrous types.”

Alex had been called a lot of things by a lot of women, but she was pretty sure that chivalrous had never been one of them. “Neighborly. You’re still new to town, and I fear I’ve gotten you a little drunk.”

“I’m not drunk. Tipsy, but not drunk. I will, however, accept your offer, because it’s nice, and I’m usually bad at letting people do nice things for me.”

Alex wanted to ask for an explanation, but didn’t. Instead, she bowed dramatically and gestured for Lia to lead the way. Lia laughed and tucked her hand into the crook of Alex’s arm and the two of them started walking toward the West End. It was hard not to like tipsy Lia. They walked in companionable silence. Lia leaned into her slightly and the proximity allowed her to just catch the scent of Lia’s perfume, the same one she discovered on Lia’s forgotten scarf.

When they arrived at Lia’s, Alex flipped on the flashlight function of her phone while Lia dug out her keys and unlocked the door.

“Thank you so much. I feel more like a local already.”

“It was my pleasure, both to introduce you to a neighborhood hangout and to spend the evening with you.”

Lia turned to Alex. Through the light haze clouding her brain, she had a flash of Alex’s hands in her hair, her mouth taking hers. Lia had to shake off the wave of desire that washed over her. “The, ah, the feeling is mutual.”

Unbeknownst to Lia, Alex was having the exact same thoughts. Her brain, however, was clear. And as much as she wanted to pull Lia against her and kiss her senseless, Alex sensed it was too soon. And if Lia’s judgment was impaired, it could ruin everything. She settled for keeping it light. “Will I see you tomorrow, then?”

 Book Cover Photo

Lia smiled. “Absolutely.”

Alex walked the short distance back to her place. She mulled over the decision not to kiss Lia. It was unlike her to be hesitant. Of course, Lia wasn’t like the women she was used to—women who knew what they wanted and had no qualms expressing it. That said, Lia might be exactly the kind of woman who waited for the other person to make the first move.

When she got home, Murphy was curled up on the couch. He got up and stretched, trotted over to the door when Alex motioned for him to go outside to do his nightly business. “Should I have kissed her? I keep thinking I should have kissed her.” Murphy looked at her intently, then lifted his paw. He placed it on her thigh at the exact place her phone sat in her pocket. Alex pulled out the phone, then scratched the dog’s ears. “Genius, my friend. Genius.”

Lia was about to climb into the tub when her phone buzzed. She picked it up and read the text from Alex.

I really wanted to kiss you. Just saying.

Lia felt a flutter in her stomach that then migrated decidedly south. Whether it was from the beer or Sally’s pep talk, she felt suddenly brave. She bit her lip and thought for a moment before replying.

I really wanted you to. Just saying.

She slid into the hot, sudsy water and thought again about what it would be like to have Alex’s lips on hers. Her phone buzzed again almost instantly.

Duly noted.


Don’t go away, yet!  Aurora has provided a sneak preview of her next book, Built to Last!

Built To Last cover

Excerpt 2: 

Built to Last

Joss pulled up to the house and smiled. She loved old houses. In part, she simply preferred the look and feel of them. Really, though, she appreciated the craftsmanship. More often than not, old houses were well-built. Even ones that appeared to be crumbling usually boasted more structural integrity and attention to detail than those built in the last thirty years.

This one was no different. If she had to guess, Joss would peg it as having been built between 1890 and 1910. The porch appeared to be falling off, a fact she would have spotted even without the yellow caution tape. The roof looked old, but the parts she could see didn’t seem to have any holes—a good sign, since water damage was the single biggest enemy of old houses.

She pulled her truck into the gravel driveway and parked behind a red hybrid hatchback. She shook her head and chuckled. Only in Ithaca did people simultaneously buy hybrid cars and drafty old houses. That wasn’t fair; they probably did that in Portland, too.

Joss climbed out and studied the exterior of the house. The windows looked original, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The yard was unkempt, but it had a good slope. Hopefully, that meant the basement was dry.

She made her way to the back door and peered in. The kitchen was just as she’d expected—a bit of a mess, but not a lost cause. The floors and trim looked original and, thankfully, hadn’t been painted. It was just the sort of house she’d love to get her hands on. If she played her cards right, maybe she’d get the chance.

Joss turned her attention to the woman who was standing in the middle of the room with her back turned. She wore a navy blue sun dress and matching shoes, the kind with ribbons that went around her ankles and tied in neat little bows. Her hair was a fiery red, pulled up into some sort of twist that exposed her neck.

Joss wasn’t a monk by any means, but the intensity of her reaction took her by surprise. Maybe it was the contrast of the tired space that made the woman seem so striking. That had to be it. Of course, it didn’t help that she was dancing. It was subtle, for sure, but there was definitely a sway in her hips. Joss’s fingers itched to feel the movement.

Get a hold of yourself. She’s a client, and likely married. Deciding she needed to get out more, Joss shook off the strange surge of desire and knocked firmly on the door.


I want to thank Aurora for stopping by.  I am excited about her book and would love for you all to tell me your experience.  Feel free to share in the comments.  Before you leave, be sure to check out Aurora’s links for more exciting news.


Aurora’s Facebook Page

Aurora’s Twitter Page

Aurora’s Goodreads Page

Aurora’s Amazon Profile Page

Aurora’s Instagram Page


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